More Appreciate Self Made Wealthy

Is there really a secret to learn how to become rich, or is it just a matter of luck? In reality life, as we can see, there are lots of millionaires are often under educated. Education will only help you to earn a decent income, but it will not help you to build wealth.

For Nouveau Riche, they will have sizable assets. However, for people who have high income, they only can support a certain lifestyle. Anyone who can stay out of debt, save portion of their money and invest wisely then they will become wealthy over time.

Alternatively, Nouveau Riche people can do a business that can generate profit by leveraging people and time to bring in a whopping amount of money. This enables them to enjoy life or perhaps can build additional business in meantime.

I will more appreciate people whom is self made wealthy than inherited wealthy. They can play as important model for other people to follow since only them realize that they can make more money with their own way than making someone’s company rich.

For my personal view, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the example of Nouveau Riche who grew up wealthy and they are obviously self made Billionaires since their parents were not quite millionaires.

2 thoughts on “More Appreciate Self Made Wealthy”

  1. David,

    I share your view. I have great respect to those who could stay focus in their vision and believe and working hard to achieve their dream. At the end of the day, whether they make it rich or they don’t, it is not important, but the path they took will set a great example to the generations to come…(like my dad 🙂 )

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