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Yesterday, I bought some necessity stuff from Supermarket and noticed that less people going to shop around recently even during promotion period. From that moment, I start realized the ripple effect of petrol hikes. I just wonder how’s the future will be !!!

The increase in fuel will eventually force me to be calculative indeed. No choice!! As a middle-income earner, this petrol hike is just too much for me to think of. With all the stupid reasons given for the hike, it is still the public suffer a lot.

Being “A” Good Decision Maker For “A” Buyer…

100plus comparison

Today is totally different from the day before today !!! We should spend more time to do more comparison and price analysis of every single item.

For instance, when I go to buy 100Plus soft drink, I will take a few packing style as my consideration.

As a matter of fact, normally canned drink would cost you more if you calculate precisely.
If you plan to buy 1 box (24 Tin with 325ml each), it may cost you about MYR 28.90 nowadays…So, each tin will cost you about MYR 1.20.
So, 100ml yields MYR 0.36

But if you buy 1 bottle (with 500ml), it may cost you about MYR 1.55.
Hence, 100ml yields MYR 0.31 only…

In fact, there may have another good option for you to decide. If you buy 1 bottle (with 1.5L, 1500ml), it may only cost you about MYR 2.50.
Thus, 100ml yields MYR 0.17 only…

5 thoughts on “Shop In Smarter Way”

  1. People are more smarter when buying things now. Because of the continuing increase of oil prices, all basic commodities are affected.
    People tend to spend now their hard earned money mostly on food items.

  2. i went to the supermarket earlier, and was shocked with the crowd and the long lines in the cashier.

    and i wondered if they are panic buying because of the continuous price hike of all commodities.

    then on the 2nd thought, probably all members in the family decided to go to the market in celebration of the fathers day…

  3. Dear David,

    Great blog that you have here. Hope you don’t mind me adding your site to my blog roll.

    Let me know if you are okay with it.


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