Super Heavyweight Boxing Match

Actually I’m just casually follow boxing and mostly like to watch boxing match when there’s a fight on an amature show. It will attract me to watch especially if there’s a fight between De La Hoya and Mayweather.

For me, De La Hoya is probably more stronger than the latter based on the history records. Equally speaking, if it goes for distance i’m thinking about Mayweather, if it’s a knockout type situation i’m going for De La Hoya. I will more prefer De La Hoya as winner of every match against Mayweather. In fact, Mayweather is an arrogant and like to underestimate someone.

Every people also know that boxing has long been known as an event for gambling. Perhaps it is because boxing is a very easy to place bets on since you only have to guess on who will win and who will lose. However, if you want to place on any bets on any sport game, then make sure that you must have some personal wise gambling tips. For instant, study the boxer and the way they play rather than how many games they have won or lost.

Besides, you should know the gambling atmosphere too and please don’t be so confident on those fighter with over-rated reputation. If you bet then it will be more interesting to watch. is your best source for De La Hoya/Mayweather tickets.

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  1. Always good to read about boxing.

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