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Do You Think About Franchising Own Business ?

Franchise business can give individual the opportunity to start a business with an excellent chance of success at a minimum risk.

Lets take an example, McDonald, is a fast food restaurant and it becomes popular since many years ago. How does McDonald making money? By franchising, am I right?

Let’s take a very basic calculation:
One restaurant is selling 100 burgers per day and let’s assume the profit is MYR 1 per burger.
So, the retail profit is MYR 100 per day.
And assuming they have 100 branches, MYR 100 * 100 branches = MYR 10,000 per day.

Can you see the picture? It is a great idea that you are considering using franchising as a method of expanding your business.

As far as I known, Old Town and Secret Recipe are example of local franchisors so their fees are not as huge as McDonald and KFC. The cost of a franchise depends on the franchisor and the restaurant size, type and its location.

How Much Does A McDonald’s Franchise Cost ?

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