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How to Calculate Loan Interest Monthly Rest and Daily Rest?

If you have purchased house before then you may hear that the home loan is calculated on monthly rest and another is on daily rest. But, nowadays most banks calculate your mortgage interest based on daily rest. Have you even heard people saying that daily rest loans are more cheaper? If you do not know what this means, then you really need to understand how it works.

Monthly Rest vs Daily Rest Interest

Here are my brief explanations.

i) Monthly Rest

Your loan interest for the current month will be calculated based on the previous month’s outstanding balance (which consists of principal and interest not paid, if any).

The Advantage of Monthly Rest

You do not have to worry about making installments at a certain date, as long as the payment comes in before month end.

Example: For a RM100,000 loan at 4.05% interest per year, monthly rest for a 30 years loan. The monthly installment is RM481, paid on the 20th of the month.

Month 1
Outstanding loan amount: RM100,000
Interest charged: RM481
Monthly capital repaid: RM481- RM337.5 = RM143.50
Outstanding loan at month end: RM100,000 – RM143.50 = RM99,856.5

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