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Malaysia Car Plate Number Pricing

The Vehicle Registration Plate Number is the thing for every new car buyer mind after selecting the model and color. Are you fancy owning a personalized car number plate? Vehicle owners may able to buy a range of numbers such as 1 to 9999.


These are the price for those who desire to choose their favourite number as their car plate number:

RM210 – These are the current running numbers made available. You can refer to the JPJ website for the current running number. Let say the current running number is 7303, then you can choose the available numbers starting with 7xxxx and 8xxxx.

car plate number

RM310 – You can preselect any advance number (if available). For example, if the current running number is 3303. You can select any numbers available beyond the 3 series up to 9999 (within the current alphabet, let say PJL) but you can’t jump the next alphabet, PJM.

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