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What Do You Think About New Rules for Credit Cards?

In order to ensure the usage of credit card is at a manageable level, the minimum annual income requirements for credit card eligibility has been raised from RM18,000 per annum (RM1,500 per month) to RM24,000 per annum (which is RM2,000 per month).


Besides that, those who is earning RM3,000 per month or RM36,000 per annum and less can only hold 2 credit cards from a maximum of 2 issuing bank.

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Have You Experienced With Credit Repair?


Do you know that it’s possible for you to fix your credit with credit repair? I think we always see and hear the advertisements in newspapers; radio, TV, Internet and you get newsletter in the mail, and maybe even phone calls offering credit repair services. They all make the same offer, which may help people to repair their credit by correcting inaccuracies in their report.

Every time when you apply for credit or any loan, the credit repair companies will obtain your credit record to verify your worthiness. However, the demand for credit repair is increasing while the opportunity for scams becomes more apparent, so it is better to take precaution step before doing something regarding finance.

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