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Say Goodbye to Digi Prepaid

Back to past 4 days, I signed up Digi Postpaid Optimum Plan which is sublined under my best friend’s account. With this kind of idea, I don’t get the benefits of 5000 points yield RM 140 rebate.( For Principal Line User Only) Once you accumulate the points till 6000 points , you will get total of RM280 rebate.

Every single ringgit you spent will earn 1 point. I think I will use about 3 years to collect 1000 points since I am not a heavy usage on phone calling. Averagely will spend approximately RM25-RM30 per month, so only RM300-RM360 annually. (US$95-US$115)
*Please take note, the points can be last for 3 years only, so you must redeem it within 3 years otherwise it will be forfeited.


Besides that, if you are using subline then your Monthly Access Fee only RM10, but if you use credit card payment for auto billing then your Monthly Access Fee is deducted RM 10. Hence, I have no chance to pay my access fees. I just pay the amount of my phone usage only. Haha…
*For your info, those principle line user need to pay RM20, if use auto billing method then only pay RM10 per month.

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