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How To Check Malaysia Traffic Summons

Quite a great number of Malaysian still do not know how to check their traffics summons through SMS and Internet nowadays. For me, this is another good way for us to check our summon information since it is hassle free and save our travel cost.

Discount on Traffic Summons

Previously, I am actually quite surprised to know how to get a discount on a traffic summons. In the other words, if you commit a traffic offense, that offense will cost you less if you pay up sooner. However, you need to know that the traffics summons will have the base rate that you will pay.

Let say, if you did not tied up your seat belt then you be fined RM300 (non-car driver), RM200 (car driver). For motorcyclist, they will be fined RM200 if they did not tied up their helmet. For those traffic offenders, you can try to pay your summons as soon as possible since it may save you some money. There will have 2 types of discount on traffics summons schemes:

i) If you pay your traffic summons within the compound date, then you can enjoy auto appeal rate of 50%.
ii) If you pay their traffic summons after compound date but before the court date then they can enjoy auto appeal rate of 30%.

However, not all types of traffic summons you can get a discount. For those traffic offense that you cannot get an appeal are as following:

(i) Traffic light offence
(ii) Accident cases
(iii) Warrant of arrest

So, you can take this advantage to pay your summons earlier else you have no choice but to pay the summons amount in full after 1 month.

How To Check Your Traffic Summons?

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