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EPF Death Withdrawal

Nominate Beneficiary

Most of the time, we are highly urged to name our nominees because the process of withdrawing EPF savings will not be as simple but may be more time- consuming. When there is no nominee, the EPF will pay the savings of the deceased member to the next-of-kin. He or she may apply to withdraw the deceased member’s savings by producing the following documents:

* Member’s death certificate
* Applicant’s identification card
* Letter of Administration which is produced by the High Court
* Documents that verify the applicant’s relationship with the deceased
* Marriage certificate
* Children’s birth certificate (if any)
* Personal savings account passbook

Payment will be made to the next of kin and is subjected to the member’s total savings as follows:

i) Member’s total savings is less than RM2,500
– All of member’s savings will be paid in full.

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