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Should We Sell Off US Dollar Now?

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I am wondering, should we change our USD to MYR at this moment? Or should we keep and wait for the price to go up?

If you think USD will appreciate later, then just keep it. If you think USD will depreciate later, then sell it off now and you can buy it cheap later. I speculate that the dollar will appreciate in value somewhere near the future.


My view: Since it is 3.6 now, it isn’t a good idea to sell it off. For currency, it will never drop to zero because a country can never go bankrupt compared to buying shares. It depends on how much you bought your USD for. So, for now, just wait patiently for inflation to settle.


You are saying, the less advanced is a country’s finance, the less affected they will be to this credit crunch crisis. Malaysia being less advanced than US will be less affected by this crisis either.

Where Can Check Latest Foreign Currency?

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Good Mathematical Skill = Good Financial Problem Solver?

Does this make sense? Most people will not become engineers. Most people will only need basic math skills when they enter the workforce. When I was in school, they taught geometry, calculus, etc. However, personal finance and the math associated with personal finance were not taught.

I believe that the simple math is enough. Even if we cannot calculate the percentages, we can still manage our finances (calculator is our best friend). How come someone, who has $3000 net monthly income, can spend $4000 per month? Like we should not hope about our future income, we have to live based on what we have now. And I think clever people can calculate the difference between income and spending.

Test Your Mathematical Skills Here: ( Click on the image go and test your skills )


My Total Income At Age 30?

I am 26 years old now. Been on my job in web developer for 2 years. I just want to have a great financial future. I also am grateful and thankful for what I do have.

I personally think that there isn’t a rule on how much should or shouldn’t a 30 years old man earn. It’s up to the person if he wants to go further in his career path, if yes, then you can go way higher.

How much a guy can earn depends on the line of job he is doing currently. Different line of job has different earnings by the time they are 30 years old. The important thing is how you optimize the money that you earn and your financial knowledge too. For example, if he can earn more than 10k/month at age 30 but do not know how to manage his money then the value will diminish slowly overtime due to inflation.

Multiple income

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Franchise Tips

Investing in a franchise should not be taken lightly as it can be a risky business. Buying a franchise is a complex process and you should do more research on it. You must have own strong stand so that you can determine if owning a particular franchise is right for you. Your final decision is the key to determine your success or failure in future.

After make decision on which franchise opportunity that best suit you then you can contact a franchise agent. It is good to get as much franchise information as possible from fellow franchisees, as not all franchises are good investments.

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