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Good Financial Habits Equals To Good Credit Score

Nowadays, having a healthy credit score is absolutely essential for everyday life. If you have a bad credit history then you need to have credit repair before applying loan to purchase a car or a house so that you won’t end up with paying a higher rate of interest.


Remember that if you want to fix credit quickly, you need to realize that there is no easy and quick solution. You should be organized and disciplined enough so that able to clear off your debts by restricting your spending habits and paying your bills on time. Or you can try my way, pay extra instead of paying just the minimum amount on the loan.

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How to Fix Bad Credit?


These days, many people are facing the difficulties that they can no longer get a loan with bad credit. If you are suffering bad credit then you can try to take my simple advice, which may help you to achieve better credit repair and get approval for financing much more easier.

How I Make Monthly Credit Card Payment?

I always pay more than the minimum balance on my credit cards every month. If you can, pay off the outstanding balance in full each month to avoid the interest charge. Besides, you need to make the payment before the due date.

My Advice: Take Serious of Your Debt
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How To Fix Your Bad Credit?


The credit crisis always becomes one of the main factors of bankruptcy. Various surveys show that there may have high percentage of credit reports contain inaccuracies. If it is the case, then you can try send a credit dispute letter to the credit agency that is reporting late pays on your account. Generally, they will require the creditor to provide the evidence that the account was in fact late.

How Should You Write Credit Dispute Letter?

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