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Gambling Winnings Tax in US

In Malaysia, any lottery or casino winnings will not be taxed. If you win one Million Ringgit Malaysia, you can just keep that money, not having to pay any tax for it. But, in US country, once you win on any lottery or casino game. Then, you will be taxed a 30% withholding tax.


However, as a non-resident you can claim back the withholding tax. This will depend on which country are you from, you can file to have some or all of the gambling tax refunds to you. Obviously, this service will bring more benefits to those international gamblers across the world.

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Getting Your Own Casino Tax Rebates

Have you won any US casino game and then realized that what you get to keep is less than you won? This is because the casinos are required to withhold a 30% gambling winnings tax on certain gambling winnings.

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A great number of people do not realize that they may be entitled to casino tax rebate when they gambled at US casino. This gambling tax refunds will only be given to those who are not citizens of the United States. They have to prove that they are resident from other country or as a tourist in order to get the gambling tax refunds of the winning money at casino. I am sure this service can be very attractive for many international gamblers across the world.

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United States Casino Winnings Tax

It can be fun and more exciting when you win the casino game. However, the IRS will take about 30% as part of the casino winnings taxes. I know this could be disappointing for all players, but the taxes can be taken back from the IRS in the form of casino tax refunds.


Based on my understanding, if the gambler want to claim the casino tax refunds then they can try to record how much have been won and lost each time they play on the casino game. In addition, those evidence such as tickets, receipts, or records can be present to the IRS (similar to Malaysia’s LHDN) in order to claim gambling tax refunds more easily.

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