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Search My Keywords In Google

Before creating any new content, one of the most important things to consider is which keyword to optimize for. This is important because having the right keyword or phrase can help you get ranked higher on Google search engine, which in the end will bring more traffics to your site.

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The only Free Google Keyword Tools that I am using is All In One SEO. I plan on making a tutorial about this tool sometime soon. I’ll share some secret ways of using keywords so you can dominate Google’s front page.

As market keywords are too competitive nowadays, so it’s not easy for Google to shows up your site at the top. I have done my homework and found a couple of my keywords, which you can find in Google.

My Keywords or Phrases

Local Search Keywords/Phrases

Maybank sucks/ Maybank suck => List #1 Page #1 (>10,000 search results)
Maybank cash deposit => List#6 Page#1
Maybank debit card => List#8 Page#1
PTPTN loan => List#10 Page#1 (>40,000 search results)
Payback PTPTN Loan => List#3 Page#1, List#10 Page#2
PTPTN loan interest => List#4 Page#1
PTPTN interest => List#8 Page#1
Digi free SMS => List#6 Page #1
Digi Postpaid => List#10 Page#3
Hong Leong MTV card => List#3 Page#1(Just under Hong Leong official site)
Hong Leong credit card => List#2 Page#1
Malaysia fixed deposit => List#1 Page#2
FD calculation => List#3 Page#1
Malaysia car price => List#4 Page#2
Malaysia salary => List#9 Page#3
Ebay vs Lelong => List#2 Page#1
Ebay and Lelong => List#7 Page#1
Amanah Saham => List#3 Page#3
Amanah Saham Malaysia => List#7 Page#1
Amanah Saham dividend => List#1 Page#1
Register Maybank2u => list#6 Page#1

Global Search Keywords/Phrases (More valuable)

Paypal exchange rate => List#8 Page #1
Withdraw paypal fund => list#6 Page#1
Namecheap coupon => List#10 Page#1
Namecheap coupon code => List#7 Page#1
Namecheap January coupon => List#4 Page#1
Namecheap February coupon => List#4 Page#1
Namecheap March coupon => List#7 Page#1
* Make money blog tips => List#1 Page#2 (most popular search, > 34,100,000)

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Knowing The Basic Concept of Getting Higher Page Rank

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My Year 2008 Achievement & Year 2009 Plan


Year 2008 almost come to the end, what I had done in this year? The only thing that makes me felt proud is ability of making a lot of money from Internet. Using Internet to generate US$ and I keep on telling people that I can earn US$ even I stay in Malaysia…Haha…Sounds a bit lansi, right?

How Much I Earned From Internet ?

To be frankly for you, I started my personal blog with own domain and hosting since January of 2008. And my blog started earning money since May of 2008. My average earning is about MYR 377/month (Total Internet Income/ 12 months). However, I still not yet count advertising earning into this total Internet income.

What Is My Next Year Plan ?

My next year plan would be tougher plan for me to achieve. I plan to make and maintain US$ 100 per month; this should not be a big obstacle if based on my current blog’s potential. But, the only problem that I may encounter is hardly to attract and maintain 500 visitors per day. This is important to increase my blog’s traffic and subsequently may increase my Internet earning.

Besides that, I always do hope that I can get my Google Page Rank 3 back as I rely so much on it to get advertiser attention. This is my Internet weapon and that’s the reason I always say Google Is My Boss.

Running Internet business will be my next source of my multiple income plans. I will plan to work together with my partner to do some web application business since he has a lot of ideas and marketing skills. I have several good domains in hands and planning to sell it out to gain some profit. Meanwhile, I will keep on doing domain investment.

For my fixed salary job, I am doing something to change my career path, and looking for more competitive task to do rather than always stick to the same and cannot see the next move. I hope that this time is my most suitable job towards my future business. Although people think that it’s not a great time to make such decision during this recession but I feel that they are wrong and we should not take only this as one of the factors to determine your future goals.

What To Buy & Where To Travel During Recession ?

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Google Is My Boss

Why Google is my boss? This is because I rely much on Google Page Rank to make money all the while. What is Google Page Rank? It is the type of ranking given by Google and it is based on the number of links pointing to your website/blog. The more back links you have the higher your PR will be.

I have been looking around recently and reading some articles about Page Rank regarding on how to increase Google Page Rank.

My Frequent Tactics To Increase Page Rank

Exchanging Link
Exchanging link

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Will Google Combat Against Text Link Ads ?

Google Adsense is probably the largest online advertising program on internet. However, I worried whether Google will take any concrete action on those who put Text Link ads and Google ads concurrently? Will page rank be affected? Or is it just a rumour?
Text Link Ads More Better?

TLA is not truly a Pay-Per-Click program because you will make money also even though people did not click on the ads. And, it’s not seem like Google ads as you can only use preset color and font. With TLA, you have greater control on how links to be displayed on your site.

Once people use your referral link to sign up and get accepted then you will earn money. It’s US$25. But with Google ads you need to wait and hope that your referrals will display the ads long enough then only can get the referral fee. How painfully slow !!!

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