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My Total Income At Age 30?

I am 26 years old now. Been on my job in web developer for 2 years. I just want to have a great financial future. I also am grateful and thankful for what I do have.

I personally think that there isn’t a rule on how much should or shouldn’t a 30 years old man earn. It’s up to the person if he wants to go further in his career path, if yes, then you can go way higher.

How much a guy can earn depends on the line of job he is doing currently. Different line of job has different earnings by the time they are 30 years old. The important thing is how you optimize the money that you earn and your financial knowledge too. For example, if he can earn more than 10k/month at age 30 but do not know how to manage his money then the value will diminish slowly overtime due to inflation.

Multiple income

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Malaysian Salary Survey

Based on Malaysian Salary Survey from Jobstreet.com, I found that the software engineer would have better salary than web developer from different level of position. However, I will work as web developer cum admin from now onwards. The reason is because I can foresee good future there and chances of job mobility are higher.

Malaysian Salary Survey

This could be my great move since I can fully focus to do something towards my future business. As this is new chapter of my life, I will use my patience to overcome and solve any critical issue that may arise. I do hope that there will be my good place for me to learn something and contribute to the company at the same time.

All what I had done is to ensure that my year 2009 aims to be achieved…I wish to see something that may bring impressive feeling to others before this year-end.