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Search My Keywords In Google

Before creating any new content, one of the most important things to consider is which keyword to optimize for. This is important because having the right keyword or phrase can help you get ranked higher on Google search engine, which in the end will bring more traffics to your site.

google search engine

The only Free Google Keyword Tools that I am using is All In One SEO. I plan on making a tutorial about this tool sometime soon. I’ll share some secret ways of using keywords so you can dominate Google’s front page.

As market keywords are too competitive nowadays, so it’s not easy for Google to shows up your site at the top. I have done my homework and found a couple of my keywords, which you can find in Google.

My Keywords or Phrases

Local Search Keywords/Phrases

Maybank sucks/ Maybank suck => List #1 Page #1 (>10,000 search results)
Maybank cash deposit => List#6 Page#1
Maybank debit card => List#8 Page#1
PTPTN loan => List#10 Page#1 (>40,000 search results)
Payback PTPTN Loan => List#3 Page#1, List#10 Page#2
PTPTN loan interest => List#4 Page#1
PTPTN interest => List#8 Page#1
Digi free SMS => List#6 Page #1
Digi Postpaid => List#10 Page#3
Hong Leong MTV card => List#3 Page#1(Just under Hong Leong official site)
Hong Leong credit card => List#2 Page#1
Malaysia fixed deposit => List#1 Page#2
FD calculation => List#3 Page#1
Malaysia car price => List#4 Page#2
Malaysia salary => List#9 Page#3
Ebay vs Lelong => List#2 Page#1
Ebay and Lelong => List#7 Page#1
Amanah Saham => List#3 Page#3
Amanah Saham Malaysia => List#7 Page#1
Amanah Saham dividend => List#1 Page#1
Register Maybank2u => list#6 Page#1

Global Search Keywords/Phrases (More valuable)

Paypal exchange rate => List#8 Page #1
Withdraw paypal fund => list#6 Page#1
Namecheap coupon => List#10 Page#1
Namecheap coupon code => List#7 Page#1
Namecheap January coupon => List#4 Page#1
Namecheap February coupon => List#4 Page#1
Namecheap March coupon => List#7 Page#1
* Make money blog tips => List#1 Page#2 (most popular search, > 34,100,000)

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Knowing The Basic Concept of Getting Higher Page Rank

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Make Money Without Good Page Rank?

Actually, now I only understand that you don’t need good Google Page Rank to make money with your blog. You can much rather make money at home than have good Page Rank, but of course, both at the same time is great!

Google Page Rank

Google penalizes blogs Page Rank who use TextLinkAds, sponsored review, pay per post, and some other proven money making program. As a blogger you have to decide what is most important to you. If you are blogging only to get Page Rank then you’d better stay away from those kinds of money makers. On the other hand, if you want to make money with your blog, then you should look into them. But first, you need to get traffic coming to your site because you can’t make money without having a good amount of traffic.

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Make Money Online Without Using Home Internet

After 1 year with the domain name imDavidLee.Com, this blog has good rank and it’s made money also. For the coming days, I will have own Internet connection at home thus I will be more flexible to handle my personal blog and perhaps make more money this year. Then, I can plan to buy my decent house and dream car without using my fixed employment income.

If you did follow my previous articles, you may know that i can make more than US$100 since May 2008. Although it’s just a small amount for professional blogger, but for newbie living in Malaysia it is big money.

My Current Rank Of This Blog:

Google PageRank: 2
Alexa Rank: app. 350,000
Technorati Rank: app 130,000

Thanks to more than 100 visitors/day and the back links from some fellow bloggers. The traffic fully depends on my activity on Google Search Engine. Google Search Engine has helped this blog since 4th quarter of 2008. Yeah…It’s been a primary traffic for this blog. Check out the screenshot below.


I got some clicks from the running ads but not so consistent for every day. Hence, this is my primary task and another challenge for me to achieve.

Thanks to several sponsored review and paid post program. It’s given me traffics and chances to make money online.

Make Money Blog Tips

I’m a “late bloomer” when it comes to multiple blogs! Most of us have heard that the best way to make money blogging is by having multiple blogs. With multiple blogs, you can diversify your niches just as you invest mutual funds in the stock market. Putting all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea. People should start more than one blog to diversify, given they have the time to manage them.

multiple blogs

Besides that, a blog doesn’t cost much to run. The average web hosting for a blog is around MYR12.50/month and register a new domain name cost about MYR30/year. However, you could even start your blogs using a free hosted site like WordPress.com or Blogger.com but they provide free hosting only and you do not own your domain name and there will be limitation on ads usage.

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