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Malaysia Car Import Tax Too High?


Many people do not know how the taxation system run on imported cars in Malaysia. I myself also feel the same. I personally think that the taxes on imported cars with different engine capacities need to be revised in order to reduce public burden.

Why Malaysia Car Import Tax So Hight?


I personally think that the reason why Malaysia government set high import taxes is because they want to protect the country’s two national car, which are Proton & Perodua. I always hope that our government can consider reducing the import duties for foreign cars for the announced budget but everytime end up with disappointment.

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Sell Off Old Car & Get Rebate Off For A New Car?

This is the latest new that I listen from radio FM. Sell off 15 years or older your old car and buy a new car at a discounted price of MYR 5,000. This proposal is still waiting from Finance Ministry approval. This would encourage consumers to buy new cars.


But why new cars only? This seems like unfair to those used car dealer. Government take this action is to spur the country’s car industry in the event of the global economic downturn. But why would the government pay MYR 5000 for anyone selling their old cars? Malaysians have too many cars already and almost all main roads are congested like hell.

I don’t think that rebate is a good proposal except for those using kancil! So how about for those who buy more expensive car like Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc. will only get MYR 5k after 15 years? All of them cost more than MYR100k. Wake up YB!

Why Malaysia’s Cars Are Not Cheap?

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