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Da Ma Cai Big Sweep Lottery


Once in a while I will buy Big Sweep to try my ‘sky luck’. But sadly, I have never strike and win any lottery before. I always tell myself that I cannot indulge in this type of gambling because it is against my principle. If you think that you have lottery luck, then this Big Sweep lottery is a way for you to win and it can really afford you with luxurious cars and decent house. You could win a substantial sum of prize money.


Many people believe that this is the only shortcut they are going afford things like these is by winning the lottery. Traditionally, if someone want to become rich then they have to start saving like mad, working like mad, selling like mad, begging like mad or acting super cute.

How To Play The Big Sweep Lottery?


As everybody known, Big Sweep tickets can be purchased at Da Ma Cai outlets. And, it is priced at priced at RM3.00 per ticket inclusive gaming tax.

There are 2 portions in this Big Sweep ticket:

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