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Will Google Combat Against Text Link Ads ?

Google Adsense is probably the largest online advertising program on internet. However, I worried whether Google will take any concrete action on those who put Text Link ads and Google ads concurrently? Will page rank be affected? Or is it just a rumour?
Text Link Ads More Better?

TLA is not truly a Pay-Per-Click program because you will make money also even though people did not click on the ads. And, it’s not seem like Google ads as you can only use preset color and font. With TLA, you have greater control on how links to be displayed on your site.

Once people use your referral link to sign up and get accepted then you will earn money. It’s US$25. But with Google ads you need to wait and hope that your referrals will display the ads long enough then only can get the referral fee. How painfully slow !!!

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