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Will PBBank Share Price Go Further Up?

No one can foresee the future, it’s right that you may sustain a gain of more than 50% of annual return for now, but it may not last when the market crash and your share drop back to where it was before, then your 50% of annual return turn out to be 0% gain. So, if you are good investor, then you should know:

i) Right price to buy

ii) Right price to sell

iii) When to buy

iv) When to sell

All these criteria above is to ensure that you can achieve what you expected.

Today, I have interested in PBBank counter. In my opinion PBBank is a very good stock to hold. No matter what is the entry price, after many years of growth still can sustain above 20% return on investment, it’s proven by the historical share price which is steadily increasing.


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