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Managing Rising Cost of Living

The concern on the rising of living cost is a global one. The living cost essentially will involve food supply, housing and transportation cost. In fact, there’re various factors that contribute to the rise in the price of goods. It is worrisome as it hurts the people, especially the poor. Besides that, increasing the fuel price is another concern as when fuel costs higher, the transportation cost will also be increased and then lead to higher price of goods and services.


Thus, a reduction in the personal tax rates will appeal to high income earners working in Malaysia and it could attract more foreign talents to work as it will allow them to retain higher level of disposable income.

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Individual Income Tax Relief for Assessment Year 2010

Many people still do not know clearly about the income tax for the assessment year 2009. Some of them was asking that why personal relief did not increased from RM8,000 to RM9,000 which is under Budget 2010.

LHDN Malaysia

Besides that, most of the people will confuse and asked why we do not have tax relief for the Internet broadband subscription, which was announced by our government in the beginning of the year under Budget 2010.

To make the clarification, I would like to re-emphasize that those relief supposed to be given for the year of assessment 2010. In the other words, LHDN Malaysia will have some changes on personal income tax for next year income tax filing. It concludes that our government is actually working towards recovery of our country economic by reducing the tax rates. This is also welcome message to Malaysian as we are facing a tough time following the economic downturn in year 2008.

Income Tax For the Year of Assessment 2010

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