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Redbox DotRed Card Promotion


As you may aware, started since 4th of January 2010, Redbox changed the way they are distributing their voucher for DotRed card member. Now they are offering special promotion, you will receive My Birthday Fun vouchers during your birthday. In this My Birthday Fun, it has total 7 vouchers (2x Free Head Charge, 1x Free Bottle Sparkling Juice, 1x Free Jug of Soft Drink, 1x Buy 3 Free 1 Head Charge, 1x Buy 3 Free 1 Lunch, 1x 3 Jugs beer with RM88++).

I still remember last time they will give RM150 voucher which is RM50+RM100 vouchers. In order to make use of RM50 discount vouchers, the DotRed card member need to bring/invite at least 5 friends while RM100 discount vouchers require 10 friends.

How to Signup As Redbox DotRed Membership?

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