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The More We Spend The Higher Rate of Return On Investment Needed

I believe that those who are ‘thrify‘ will grow wealthy, and those who are ‘spendthrifts‘ will become poor. During my school time, i already have a game of adhering to my budget in which saving 50 cents out of my pocket money. As i known, the discipline of being able to control our spending and save consistently would make us success in the later stage.

big spend

For those who are from top management level who earn more than RM10k per month does not necessary that they can live wealthy. Let’s take an example, the managing director of a multinational corporation, who was earning RM120k per year. Given his hefty income, we expected him to have great substancial amount of money over the years, right? However, sometimes we may found that quite a great number of them whose total assets actually is less than RM500k while the net worth is less than RM200k. Plus, more than 70% of his net worth was from EPF savings.

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