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Do You Think RON95 Will Increase?

Based on the subsidy rationalisation plan, there would be a review every six months for subsidies on all products, RON95 prices were revised last December and therefore a revision was now due. So, the price of RON95 petrol will be reviewed in this month or early June. The possibilities of price going up is very high as our government had reiterated that the subsidy burden is quite high.

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Well, if our government can remove the subsidy and use this amount of money to develop start developing our public transport. Then, I will definitely support for that move. In the other words, they should make use of it to create balance and spur our economic growth. By right, if they know to plan properly and come out the effective strategy from the earlier stage, then they should know to adjust the subsidies during economic boom, but not recession time.

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Try It Out New Cheaper Petrol RON95 !!!


I hope it is not too late to announce some good news that Malaysia new petrol RON95 will be fully introduced this 1st of September, and it will cost about RM1.75 per liter, which is 5 cent cheaper than RON97 (RM1.80 per liter recently) but also 5 cent more expensive than RON92 (RM1.70 per liter recently).

But there is another bad news; RON97 petrol price will be increased to RM2.00 per liter. Anyway, thanks to my fellow blogger Lai Ke Po for providing me such kind of useful information.

Do You Know What Is RON?

RON means research octane number and it refers to the ability of gasoline to auto burn inside the engine. Simply say, RON97 is harder to burn compared to RON95.

Higher octane number oil is basically designed for higher performance cars such as sport cars and racing cars. This is to avoid premature burning of oil inside the engine.

A lot of people said that RON92 petrol is the older oil and it is only suitable for older cars only. And, there are also some said that RON92 petrol would make the engine dirty. As comparison, RON92 petrol is less powerful than RON95 and RON97. What do you think?


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