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My Simple Ways to Save Money

These are my personal tips on how to save money for your own future. Most of the time I will try to make use of my negotiation skills, finding some discount voucher and coupon, be sensitive with what people said where and which is cheaper. These are the common thing that I am doing frequently in order to make sure that I can have financial freedom in future.


How Can I Save Money In My Real Life?

Almost every month before I receive my paycheck, i will try to save a portion of it — almost 50% of my income will go to saving. You can try to save your extra funds into different types of saving account, which may earn you some interest.

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Calculate How Much You Can Save By Quit Smoking


As I know:
Dunhill is Malaysia no.1
Mild-7 is Japan no.1
Malboro is US no.1
Gudang Garam is Indonesia no.1

Personally, I tried few of them before but now I rarely smoke unless friends want me to smoke.

Averagely, there will be an increase in price for tobacco every year. Yet, I feel that the hike of cigarette prices never discourage from smoking.

Although Malaysia’s government imposes high taxes on branded cigarettes price of RM9.00 (app 2.62 US dollars) for a pack of 20 cigarettes but cheaper brands still available for RM6.xx or below per pack.

Do The Math…

Let’s say you start smoking at age 15 and smoke an average 1 pack per day. By the time you turn 30, you will have spent about RM32,400 on cigarettes (at RM6 per pack averagely). Just think about what you could have done with that money. Buy a car? Spend a summer in Europe? Pay for university? Financially, quit smoking and you’ll save a lot!

Please remember, I forgot to include the medical costs you will save by quit smoking. Haha…

Side Effects Of Smoking

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