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What’s Special with Celcom Biz Plan?

Celcom Biz is offering customized mobile solutions for your business type which targeting on SOHO, small & medium businesses. In the other words, it provides communications needs of companies and their employees. This ranges from home offices and small start-ups to multinational corporations.

As we can see, instead of being tied to wires, now they are trying to make business applications completely mobile and wireless, thus everything and everyone can work anytime and anywhere.

SOHO Business Plan

Under this plan, it offers you to cater to 1-10 employees, the benefits that it brings such as:

i. 10 sen flat to any numbers & anytime
ii. Lowest BlackBerry packages
iii. FREE GSM Desktop Phone

There’re also 2 flexible packages:

Option Plan 1: RM386 Monthly Commitment
SOHO business plan

Option Plan 2: RM446 Monthly Commitment

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