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Sports Toto 4D Lottery Game


Did you play any lottery game before? Most of the people have their same thinking when plays lottery game; they just want to make fortunes quickly. One of the popular lottery game is Sports Toto 4D. Through this lottery game, you can select your 4 digits and bet on the specific number. Once you bet the amount, you will get a receipt, which is the proof while claiming your winning prizes.


Rules of Sport Toto 4D Lottery Game

You can play Toto 4D as small or big game. Based on my understanding, there are 23 prizes for big game and 3 prizes for small game and you can get any amount up to RM 3500. The minimum amount that you can bet is only RM1. There are the facts that many people win a lot of money in Sport Toto 4D and you could become the next winner.

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