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Malaysia’s Sugar Price Increased?


Since 1st of January, Malaysia sugar price increased from RM1.45 to RM1.65 per kilo in Peninsular Malaysia and RM1.75 in East Malaysia. As I known, our government was still maintaining a subsidy of RM0.80 per kilo. However, I heard many people said that one day our government would remove the sugar subsidy in order to minimize the amount of sugar intake and meanwhile reduce the diabetic cases in our country.


I am sure that this hike in sugar price will cause the price of every sugar made product to be increased. So, do you think who is suffering in the end? For me, the rise in diabetic cases is just an excuse to work out the plan. Eating less sugar is absolutely good for health but not at the expenses of putting burden onto the public.

My Point of Views: Sugar Subsidy Removed

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