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Working in Malaysia vs UK

working in uk

I hope that through this platform, I can know some feedback about this topic. Do you think working in Malaysia is better than working overseas for long term?

Malaysia is still a developing country so there still will be a lot of opportunity. UK, which is, developed country, which means that you have to be the one that is outstanding then you will only get your higher chance to get a better career.

Factors To Consider Before Working Overseas

Sometimes, depending what kind of work and the most important of all what is the money that you are earning. For example, if you are working on something that will not bring healthy idea to help in developing our country, then please do not work in oversea. This is because you did not pose any good attribute and quality in yourself.

Someone asked me, as a fresh graduate from local university without any working experience, is it good to work in UK?

Speaking from UK point of view, it’s not easy for you to get a job. Unless you have something very attractive to offer, for example, you owned an engineering model for a particular field and earned yourself credits for it, it will be quite a challenge to secure a job via a local degree.

My suggestion is to work in a MNC such as Intel, Dell, Motorola or others, earn some experience and it will be easier. Singapore would be an ideal place to start.

If You Are a High Quality Employee, Why Not Consider Working in Oversea?

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