Tiger Bank Sucks Blood ?


Didn’t you know that after the 4th ATM withdrawal, for each withdrawal you’ll be charged MYR 0.50? So, it is better to purposely withdraw bigger amounts that can last you for a week. Save the money in saving account will not help you to get higher interest. It is just 0.2-0.3% annually. Besides that, it can also lessen your waiting time and spending time to the branch/ATM.

Tiger Bank

Why Maybank Like To Charge People ?
I think the purpose for banks to charge another MYR 0.50 after 4th withdrawal was prevent Maybank’s user misuse ATM machine and this may save their server resources. Imagine if all user withdraw RM10 from ATM machines daily, then huge of databases need to be backed up daily, heavy traffic load which may lead to system failures.

If we transfer money from maybank2u to other maybank account it’s free of charge. But if transfer to other bank (citibank, hong leong bank etc) they will charge you RM2 per transaction.

If you use Maybank ATM to top up your Touch N Go, then you also need to pay additional MYR 0.50.

You can choose to have the MYR 8 annual fee instead. Then you can enjoy unlimited ATM withdrawals and counter transaction.

13 thoughts on “Tiger Bank Sucks Blood ?”

  1. hi david…

    what i will do is withdraw the maximum money i can from maybank, and bank into my another account… what to do, my salary straight goes into maybank… 🙁

  2. They have deducted all my salary for credit card payment.

    Pls let me know how to extend a complaint to top management.

    Kindly assist.

  3. Maybank and CIMB are the worst bank in Malaysia.

    Maybank is blood sucker (taking money from small user account … i.e 50 sen per transaction … FYI it’s not after 4th transaction, but on every transaction if your saving is below MYR5000 per month).

    CIMB customer service, counter service and loan services is suck. To use their CDM (Cash Deposit Machine) for deposit to your account, you need to keyed-in your account number, even though you have your own ATM Card.

    Up until now, I think Affin Bank and Hong Leong Bank is still better than Maybank and CIMB.

    This two mega banks (Maybank and CIMB) CEO were deaf and blind. F**K both of these two bank.

  4. Dear friends,

    Just wanted to know the charges for withdrawal through Public Bank ATM Card to other ATM Machines such as CIMB? Is it RM5?

  5. My advice, Try not deal with Maybank in any forms, cause once they “catch” you, they just suck you dry as long as they can…. even just little money you had in their bank..try go for another bank if you can..

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