Top 5 Best Performing Public Mutual Fund in Year 2010

Are you Public Mutual Fund investor? Do you know which funds perform the best in year 2010? Now, I would like to share with you my personal analysis on Public Mutual Fund past performance from January – December 2010.


1. Public SmallCap Fund (PSMALLCAP)

Public Small Cap was the best performing fund in year 2010. We can see that the return last year was 31.63%.


2. Public Islamic Sector Select Fund (PISSF)

Public Islamic Sector Select Fund (PISSF) was the best performing fund among all Islamic funds last year. It seeks to provide income by investing mainly in a portfolio of equities which complies with Shariah requirements from market sectors in the domestic market. The return was 30.19%


3. Public Sector Select Fund (PSSF)

Public Sector Select Fund (PSSF) ranked number in which it provided the return of 28.79%. I personally invest into this fund also as I feel that local market will boost in this year. Let’s wait and see!


4. Public Focus Select Fund (PFSF)

Public Focus Select Fund (PFSF) is also my favorite fund. It may give the same positive result as Public Sector Select Fund if our local market performs really well. The return for last year was 25.00%


5. Public Regular Savings Fund (PRSF)

Public Regular Savings Fund is also another fund which generates more than 20% return last year. You can try to buy and hold this fund for long-term objective of capital growth.


However, you should bear in mind that nobody can predict the future accurately. Investment is always a risky game. If you are an active investor, then buy more unit trusts to curb the inflation rate. Even if you choose to be a passive investor, you also can reap good return from unit trust investment by applying some simple strategies.

I will share more about my strategies in coming articles. Stay tuned and happy investing!

5 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Performing Public Mutual Fund in Year 2010”

  1. great post, gonna make my first fund investment the next week
    wanna ask a question, i have filled up a form by a mutual fund advisor and she wrote her id on it.
    is it a must to write an agent id in the form? what is the benefit? can i skip that part?

  2. The agent ID is for agent as she will provides you buying and selling units service. They will earn some comission from that, but if you removed the agent ID, you will have same service charge also. So, why not put her agent ID?

  3. Dear Sir :
    May I know how to go about it to buying a fund esp top performing funds from Public Bank?
    1.What is the min amount required?
    2.What are the charges ?
    3.How many yrs to get the investment compounded?
    4.What is the average yearly gain in percentage term?
    5.What are the drawbacks if one choose the liquidate the investment?
    6. Can we buy on -line or need to go to the said bank to get invested?
    7.Other advices deemed necessary.

  4. Hi,any good funds to recommend?I would like to invest in PB series unit trust,pls reply urgent..thxs

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