Traffic Summons Deadline Extended

As we known, the date for the settlement of outstanding traffic summons had been extended to March 10. From now onwards, summonses must be paid in full or else we are not allowed to renew our road tax, driving license and not even allowed to buy or sell cars.

traffic summons

Based on the record, there are still remaining outstanding summonses of 17.3 million still not being paid. This is the reason why our government still giving second chance to our citizen as there’re about 1.7 millions motorist who could be potentially blacklisted. So, that’s not a good achievement in the sense of the authorities’ capability.

Previously, issuing summons doesn’t have any effect on the offenders thus the reason why one person can accumulate so many summons without paying. This is because the lack of enforcement in penalizing the offenders where many people just chose to ignore. They can violate the rules and just accumulate the summons and still can drive safe on the road.

Nowadays, failing to settle those summonses issued on the spot by traffic polices will get you blacklisted for sure. But how about failing to settle postal summons? Would they get blacklisted also? Is there any law enforcement for that?

No matter how, for those who still have unpaid summons now is the last chance for you to pay. Don’t wait until last minute!

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