Try It Out New Cheaper Petrol RON95 !!!


I hope it is not too late to announce some good news that Malaysia new petrol RON95 will be fully introduced this 1st of September, and it will cost about RM1.75 per liter, which is 5 cent cheaper than RON97 (RM1.80 per liter recently) but also 5 cent more expensive than RON92 (RM1.70 per liter recently).

But there is another bad news; RON97 petrol price will be increased to RM2.00 per liter. Anyway, thanks to my fellow blogger Lai Ke Po for providing me such kind of useful information.

Do You Know What Is RON?

RON means research octane number and it refers to the ability of gasoline to auto burn inside the engine. Simply say, RON97 is harder to burn compared to RON95.

Higher octane number oil is basically designed for higher performance cars such as sport cars and racing cars. This is to avoid premature burning of oil inside the engine.

A lot of people said that RON92 petrol is the older oil and it is only suitable for older cars only. And, there are also some said that RON92 petrol would make the engine dirty. As comparison, RON92 petrol is less powerful than RON95 and RON97. What do you think?


RON95 could be used for all types of cars including imported luxury cars. This is good opportunity for citizen to switch to cheaper RON95 if previously they used RON97. This is because RON95 offers about the same quality and performance as RON97.

Once RON95 is out, I am sure there will be pretty much consumers trying the new RON95 petrol to see which one feels the best with their car’s engine. However, you have to remember one thing though. Check it out your vehicle fuel requirement. This is because it may cause some side effect, which is known as knocking (poor performance of your vehicle)

How To Check Your Vehicle Minimum Requirement For RON?

1. From your vehicle guidebook.
2. Minimum octane number rating at the back of your fuel lid cover

Based on what I have known, all models from Honda Malaysia are RON95 compatible. But, it is recommended to use RON97 for Honda Civic Type R because of its high performance engine and it was tested in Japan with RON100 for optimum engine performance.

What Types of Fuel Should I Use?

As long as the fuel used is not below the minimum RON requirement (RON91), then it will be appropriate for all cars.

50 thoughts on “Try It Out New Cheaper Petrol RON95 !!!”

  1. Tried Shell RON 95, result my year 2008 Altis has no pick up at all and fuel comsuption even higher compared with RON 97. No choice I used back to RON 97 for better performance.

  2. What? RON 95 is out? I didn’t even know that. I thought it suppose to be available in year 2010. Anyhow, must try it tml with my old Proton Wira :p

  3. Fill in Ron95 on my MyVi 1.3 auto few days ago.

    My advise to those using same type of car: DON’T BUY IT!

    Unless your car is overpowered, otherwise please don’t use RON95

    My car is underpowered and using RON95 just make it worse.

  4. I got no choice but to use Shell RON95 on 30th Aug since the station I went no Shell Super anymore.

    So far, I fill it actually last longer compare to Shell Super.

    Just my feedback.

  5. I already use the Ron95 and compare with Ron97, my suggestion is, change your type of driving style. Espscially those who using auto. Ron95 suitable for manual driving because you can adjust the power level in transmission pedal. I hope those who use auto , try not to press the pedal to hard, try pres the pedal until the speed limit almost like to change gear release the pedal just like manual and the gear will change automaticly, then pres the pedal again. This will lower the fuel consumption. Ron95 can be useful if we change our driving style. Try it and let me know

  6. I tried Ron 95 on my Audi A4. Lost a lot of power. The drag was horrible.

    Fuel consumption increased but probably due to my need to floor the accelerator Just to get the car to its normal speed.

    My A4 felt like a fat person running and gasping for air instead of a sprinter easily running towards the finish line. I am sticking with Ron 97. I believe that it’ll be better or the engine since Malaysian petrol is already not clean to begin with.

  7. i have to use back RON97 for my GEN-2 1.3(A)..i tried RON95 few days ago,my car had no pick up at all..(maybe because its an auto car..kot??)

  8. mmg la semua kereta leh pakai RON95 nie dh mmg dia minyak boleh la dia terbakar actuly minyak tanah pun leh terbakar…tpi dr segi penjimatan n horse power kenderaan tue jd lain.. sy hari2 ulang alik ipoh kuala kangsar naik moto honda EX5 thn 2002..selama nie pakai minyak RON97 tak der masaalah pikup ada jimat tpi bila sekali tukar pakai RON95 nie segala ny berubah dlu kalo naik moto nie dikatakan jimat tpi skrg tidak lagi..itu la dia ONE MALAYSIA rakyat dh berhabis upaya berjimat cermat tpi masih ada lg manusia yg ambil kesempatan yg lupa diri….

  9. RON is not energy content. Power output or fuel mileage can NOT be improved by burning higher octane fuel than a particular engine was designed for. A higher octane fuel does not add any more hydrocarbon content or oxygen, the engine cannot produce more power.

    Hence using fuel with RON higher than what the engine requires may not be necessarily gaining better performance and lower RON doesn’t mean less power either. Using higher RON rating also may not necessarily be the best for the engine – there is no guarantee of greater power or a more environment-friendly option as the RON number gets higher unless the engine is designed specifically to run on it.

  10. my car levin 4A-GE use RON95 and gain more powerful than RON97.I’m tunning back my engin and save more fuel than before..who said RON95 less power?hehehe…my car engine made 1986.till now,it running well with horsepower 150hp.

  11. 4A-GE is a very very old engine. The engine is not designed for high octane fuel, even RON95 is too high already. RON92 should be better, but it can use even RON88.

  12. aduiiiii..bro u punya 4AGE 16V mmg la old engine sesuai la guna RON95..
    sy 4AGE 20v year 1996 dh guna hight octane kt japan pakai ron100…
    satu gi 4AGZE AE101 pun enjin baru supercharge..

  13. Yups.. agree with are yen. For my car, RON95, 2 days fuel empty. RON97, ONLY AFTER 4 DAYS it run empty! Dont really care about the fuel price, what i care is the engine life span… Btw, why don’t they sell it both RON95 and RON97? Now most of Shell and Petronas station only sell 1 type of petrol. Common place where u can get RON97 is only at the highway.. sighh…

  14. Yeah. my km drop when using Ron 95. I’d tried using my Rondo (auto) and WIRA (manual + karburator)..results were advice just use Ron 97.

  15. dah try.. sama je, xde beza pon dr segi performance.. cuma ron95 murah sket je.. tu aje.. base on pengalaman aku n kancil850 thn 2006 🙂

  16. thanx for the info, i’ll change to RON97 after this. I was wondering why my car’s performance getting bad since i used RON95..

  17. If RON 95 is better than RON 97, why the prices is more cheaper? Generally, the things are better in quality if they are expensive.

  18. Mine is Gen2 1.3 Auto 2007. Pakai Esso RON95, found that better performance and lowe consumption. RON95 is better for my car.

  19. I’ll suggest those who still doubts about the RON stuff to do a reading on article under sub-topic – Effects of octane rating in “” as it explains why most modern cars may have problems with RON95 fuel. ~May be you can check on your car’s specs on the compression ratio, it may be the cause…
    For me, it just simply cause by the fundamental design preference done by our dear car manufacturer….. 🙂
    May be your can contact your car’s manufacturer for the solution(s)… hope it works though! :>

  20. its okay guys..
    chill up..
    im now on studying about these 2 products..
    illl make comparisons and do some researches about both RON95 and RON97..i hope u guys can keep giving me the feedback…till then..see you..

  21. most people only know HALF the truth about RON ratings and their impact on their engines.

    the truth is, while most modern engines CAN use lower octane fuel, it is NOT the RECOMMENDED octane for the engine.

    eg. Honda VTEC engines can use as low as RON92, but the RECOMMENDED is RON97. why? I’m already tired of explaining this to most of the websites carrying debates about RON95 vs RON97, so search the internet, and read about it yourself. Avoid Malaysian websites though – they have been misled by the gov.

  22. u’re rite kimchee.i’ve use ron97 for my honda city for 3 me..its really when kat bukit u will really thank your ron97.but da big prob is some pertonas in KL not selling ron97..

  23. last time ask us to use ron97 for green engin and wanted to stop using the red petrol remember? and now ask us to use the old shit.

  24. gooi, i agree with u.
    Malaysia is a country tht produce oil n petrol..but then, our petrol see to other country.. after tht, we use shit RON95, and Finally, goverment raise the petrol price again..
    tis is wat we call SATU MAALYSIA!
    Rakyat diutamakan!
    talk to my ass!!

  25. why nowadays, the accident that happened will have explosion or burning? Because of ron95
    ron 95 is rich with plumbum, and suitable with the vehicles below 500cc.

    And amazingly, 500cc below means, for the motorbike use only!.

    Please review this, google it and repost it. hopefully this help.

    Say no to car explosion

  26. R.O.N stands for Research Octane Number, a rating used to measure a fuels knocking resistance in spark-ignition internal combustion engines. RON rating has nothing to do with the ENERGY content at all.

    Fact: RON refers to the ability of the fuel to resist knocking and nothing else.

    Do you really know what knocking is all about?

    Knocking is what happens when parts or all of the air-fuel mixture prematurely ignites before the flame from the spark plug can reach it. This can be caused by ignition timing that is too early [advance] or overheat where the heat from the cylinder itself causes the mixture to combust before the spark plug can burn the mixture. This causes a decrease in performance and might also harm the engine. Only in such situation the engine needs higher RON fuel.

    RON is NOT power rating for the fuel. In fact higher RON number means the fuel burns less easily and less efficient for the engines desiged to run on lower RON ratings! By pumping the RON97 into a car which engine only requires the RON95, all you are going to get is an emptier wallet yet hardly counts for performance gains.

    Previously we do not have RON95 fuel in our market, we have no choice but to use RON97 fuel for the engine. No harm using higher RON on modern cars though – the ECU will make ignition timing to fire spark plug early, but u r paying more for the fuel.

    Some engines which have higher compression ratios however, need higher knock resistance to withstand higher compression. Hence higher RON rating is required

  27. Tried Ron 95 for my Vois. Okay, but tried Ron 97 for long distance, the pick up is better with more push as what they call it as better perfomance and satisfaction.

  28. Those who try to teach us the blardy RON thing is obviously thinking they are too smart and thinking others are too shallow minded.. it is in fact they are dumbass people in the world.

    Don’t try to explain what is RON to people when you don’t even have a clue that each specific car requires what kind of RON.

    As you can see, most of the people here complaining that RON95 is actually a crappy fuel for their car and they really mean it. I myself have tested RON97 & RON95 on my Proton Persona. The result is RON97 gives better mileage, better pick up and better performance.

    As most people already know, Proton Persona and any other Campro engines without CPS have one of the biggest flaw which is the torque dip. Even with IAFM, I say the flaw is still noticeable. this is especially when the car is running at low RPM of around <2.6k…

    I have also test both fuel on Avanza and Chevrolet Cruze and the result is still the same. RON97 is a better fuel!!!! U know what, most of our cars since 2000 are modern cars. some from 90’s. These car engine is design to use RON97, not some blardy cheap RON95.

  29. Good comments and totally agree with you, Dan! I recently used RON95 for my peugeot 807, halfway through…my MPV signalled “check engine” light!

    Got advise from friend, once petrol really empty..pumped-up full-tank RON97 back. Went for high speed driving for almost an hour (max 150km aje for this damn heavy MPV with 1997 cc engine), stop engine for about 2-3 hours…restart, no more “check engine” light!

    Just to prove my point, I repeated the same (ie. pumping back RON95), guess what….the same “check engine” lighted back!!!

    In addition to the above, my reliable mechanics at Peugeot and VW service stations said the same thing and recommended me to just stick to RON97…albeit, RM0.60/per litre more than RON95 🙁

    So, who said RON95 is compatible with most Malaysian modern cars???? 2 things to be cautious – (1) Don’t listen to statements from Government on RON95; and (2) How often does petrol suppliers/companies like Petronas, Shell, Esso check-on their dealers and quality of petrol dispense from each nozzle????

  30. saya dah Pakai Altis 1.8G selama 7 tahun dengan minyak RON 97.. tetapi sekarang dah tukar ke RON 95 Shell. Pick up bagus, milegae bagus. penjimatan berganda, pecutan maintain… pelik juga , kenapa korang byk complain… enjin korang buatan mana?

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