United States Casino Winnings Tax

It can be fun and more exciting when you win the casino game. However, the IRS will take about 30% as part of the casino winnings taxes. I know this could be disappointing for all players, but the taxes can be taken back from the IRS in the form of casino tax refunds.


Based on my understanding, if the gambler want to claim the casino tax refunds then they can try to record how much have been won and lost each time they play on the casino game. In addition, those evidence such as tickets, receipts, or records can be present to the IRS (similar to Malaysia’s LHDN) in order to claim gambling tax refunds more easily.

In US, if your winning is at least 300 times of the salary, then you will be issued an income tax form. This casino tax refunds do not apply to United States residents only. But it is an establishment, which withhold 30% of the gambling winnings of International visitors also. However, if you are Canadian, casino tax refund can help you to cover back your casino winnings taxes.

Besides the casino game, there are other gambling games such as lotteries, horse racing, and various other wins in the United States will also be taxed. Basically, you will have up to 3 years to claim that the tax back after your winnings date.

3 thoughts on “United States Casino Winnings Tax”

  1. I am trying to get information directly from the US government on the casino tax rebate for Canadian citizens instead of biased info from private companies who are simply trying to tet your business. Can anybody help by providing a reliable US government web site within the IRS???

  2. When it comes for paying tax one really feel bads , as on winning good amount of money goes from their hand. But I don’t think there is need to worry about it as casino tax refund are always there through which one can get back their money.

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