Vending Machine Business

I am wondering whether this kind of business can provide good side income or not.

Well, personally think that there is a bit of risk since you have to prepare a large capital first. Then, you have to look for a location to place the machine and rent the place from the owner and it can only give a good return if put on the right locations. You have to consider the maintenance cost as well.

The only winner I see from this business is the company that provides the machine.
Some of them are doing losing business as not enough revenue to cover the maintenance cost.

Although u can get the machine from china with low cost, can get it less than 10k.
Yet how much u can make?
1 litre only 20cents/10cents and with so many machines around lately…I dun think the owner will come out with the capital, pay the maintenance, utilities and the rental and pls do not forget the risk of vandalism, money get stolen and machines breakdown frequently.

Lets say 1 machine 10k. 1 litre 10cents is the most cheapest in the market…. sharing profit left 7cents, deduct maintain cost 4cents…profit only 3cents

è 10k/3cents = 333 kilolitre…U need 3 year to get back your capital… Because 1 year u need to sell out 111 kilolitre, 1 month 9 kilolitre, 1 day 308 litre…

Above is my personal opinion for your reference purpose only. If u feel that this vending business can do, then go ahead !!!
The freedom to do what u want exactly when u want to. This is a great chance for you to say “No more 9-to-5 job. No more 40, 50, or 60 hour work weeks.” Haha…

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