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Yesterday nite i have invited to attend a wealth building seminar at Evergreen Hotel and it was presented by Mr. K.C.See, the founder of MasteryAsia. It help you discover within urself the power to change ur financial situation, it teaches u on wealth building and being financially free. Let me share wif u all and hope u can learn frm that !!!

First of all, many ppl around this world may not understand what is the meaning of “wealth”. Actually it means that “the no of days u can survive if u stop working tomolo“..However, i found that most of the ppl nowadays may not have their good wealth management. Mostly, they work for money instead of work for dreams. This is not wrong but when come into real life, every1 oso want to retire early and have a comfortable life. If they didn’t plan for their financial retirement then they will always look for money even they have retired one day…This is not joke, but seriously for u to jote down..

Here is my personal formula and good calculation to u all…

Net Asset
Monthly Expenses – Passive Income

From that formula, if u found that ur passive income is more than monthly expenses, then u r the appreciated rich man/woman and have a good financial management…

So, we as human being nowadays dont too focus on single source of income but try to multiplied it…I personally have on the way to achieve its..

However,if u want know ur financial direction clearly then u must know ur present financial state…Am i correct? This is to prevent u from making mistake or same thing over and over again. I can say like that just because if u r running fastest in the wrong direction, u’ll finally will not reach the destination.

My valued assessment – The past does not equal the future, so it is the time to turn ur intention into action and turn ur single into multiple source of income.

Ok la..i will continue next part on the next day since very tired and if u mind to know more, pls offer me a cup coffee,ok ? Haha..kidding la..

To be continued…

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  1. I just wanted to speak in and let you know that you are quite possibly one of the best writers ever on this subject. Everyone else is very hard to comprehend as I am not exactly A original English speaker, but I am trying. So I appreciate you breaking it down for me.

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