Wedding Ang Pow Market Rate

According to traditional Chinese customs, ‘Ang Pow‘ is the symbol of prosperity and we give them during wedding as a wish to the couple. And of course to help them offset their wedding dinner costs as well.


Do you know what is the market rate for wedding Ang Pow today? My friend will be holding her wedding dinner at hotel somewhere in Penang. Although she is not the closest friend of mine but I still want to give her a reasonable amount.

Normally, I will calculate based on the same amount it took to invite you, if it costs RM400-500 per table, and there are 10 people per table, then it’d generally be considered good form to give at least RM40, to help cover costs.

However, based on older people thinking, they might suggest you to give only half of what the dinner costs, because they think that the people inviting guests should not expect the guests to pay for their dinner, and this is just to show a gesture of ‘generosity’ to help them to defray their cost.

After being attend several wedding dinner with my friends for more than 2 years. I know that the market rate really depends on where the wedding banquet is being held. Besides that, I personally feel that the market rate for Ang Pow fluctuates yearly. In year 2008, it is 10% lower than today’s rate. Ho about your opinion?

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  1. I agree with that. Nowadays each table easily costs RM700 to RM1000, this is KK’s rate.

    For me, I will consider the venue and the relationship with the brides / bridesgroom.

    But I do believe that contributions from guests on the wedding dinner will more or less release the burden of the couple as they need to spend a lot of money for the wedding.

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