What Do You Think About Malaysia Fuel Price by Car Size?

Started from 1st May 2010, certain group of Malaysians who drive higher capacity engine and non-citizens will have to pay different fuel prices as they will not be eligible for subsidized petrol anymore. As I known, our government currently subsidized RM0.30 for RON 95. The original price of RON 95 is RM2.10.


Do You Think New Fuel Subsidy System Workable?

Our government has never fail to invent new system. But, most of the time all those new system that implemented never satisfies us as we have already adopted ourselves in the “comfort zone” of cheap. For me, it’s better to do some feasibility study and set the concrete rules and procedures before making any final judgment.

Secondly, it’s not fair enough to implement petrol price with accordance to engine capacity! This is because there are still a lot of rich people driving old and small cars. So, this may not prevent rich people from enjoying the subsidy too.

Thirdly, it is totally ridiculous to implement this new fuel subsidy system. How are they going to determine who is the rich and who is the poor. What about the middle class people who are earning RM2,500 monthly, paying taxes yearly but driving a 2000cc car?

Fourthly, there may have smart people who will drive a low engine capacity car like perodua kancil to fill up their fuel and go back to transfer it to their higher engine capacity car like BMW via a hose. So, could you imagine how danger of it and it may increase the number of fire accident cases by just saving their fuel cost.

We as a Malaysian citizen cannot do anything if government still insists public to follow their decision. So, as a pre-preparation, people should try to find alternative to improve their income and not just blame this and that.

My Suggestion Over The New Fuel Subsidy System

I have come out my own suggestion after serious consideration; I think it’s better to give each Malaysian a limit of (let say) 100 litres of subsidized fuel per Mykad. If more than 100 litres, then they need to pay the non-subsidized fuel price. For those who can afford to travel more, then they need to pay more or they can either take public transport for long distance. And, the money saved from fuel subsidy should be used to improve our public transportation.

18 thoughts on “What Do You Think About Malaysia Fuel Price by Car Size?”

  1. The entire idea of basing fuel price on the engine capacity is a joke and it’s merely to mask away the government notorious actual intention to suck people (middle income group being the largest group) blood.

  2. David, good suggestion you made, except for “money saved from fuel subsidy should be used to improve our public transportation”

    I don’t think this is a priority of the gov since a good public transport will reduce the no of vehicles people buy. Without good public transport, people are forced to buy cars be it local or foreign which = taxes & to prop up you know what.

  3. Hi Jayce,

    Your input is very interesting.

    What/Who stops someone earning RM2.5k monthly to drive 2000cc car ? Is that illegal ?

    Now that the stupid government is in one way or another asking us to drive 1300 c.c. Proton Saga only, isn’t that more ridiculous ?

    Does driving a 1300 c.c. Proton Saga means the owner is great in financial planning ?

  4. i totally agree that tis so call govt idea is not fair n effective at all….
    driving a small car doesnt means u r poor. my teacher stays in a big bungalow, n all his siblings r bosses of their own business but they only drive malaysia made cars,coz they r stingy pokers.
    i think the govt should reli think of something better

  5. All these are just gimmick of the government to hike the petrol price.

    And worse still, big bucks of taxpayer monies have been spent on installing the MyCard decoder for this stupid trick.

  6. here’s my situation: i bought a 1.8 continental cars at a price 35k with big boot and spacious althought it’s a 13 years old car. i bought this car as i dont feel fair enough to pay 53k for myvi se (dream car). now seems like the govt want to spoil my plan. it’s not really the people who drive a big cc engine is a “rich” person, as i’m in the “middle” class. Those who use a 1.3 myvi se can be said as “rich” knowing that they can afford to pay 53k for it isn’t it?

  7. those govt know how to charge our ppl money. 2.10 ringgit also a big value for us. im a sales person so fuel for me is very much seriously issues. how we gonna to reduce the fuel prices to be 1.70 ringgit…

  8. what if the following announcement is going to be made?

    with effect from 1 may 2010, the new petrol price will be 3.90 for RON97 and 3.60 for RON95. no more road tax, proton perdana will be sold ard 23k and toyota camry at 64k.

  9. Johnny ong

    I too received an email about this! Is it true?
    Mmm I guess at the end of the day what David suggest is quite good common sense.

  10. i drive a 1300 cc car to and fro each, and each trips is 40 km more or less.i do understand the economy state as it is.so, if the price for ron 95 is at rm 2.10, i guess i’ll just grin and bear it…but anymore than that, is gonna be a big burden on malaysians. plus, not all places in malaysia has the privilege of public transports. 30 sen hike may become a cause to bigger problems in the future.

  11. I suggest government to drop petrol subsidy and invest/spend that subsidy elsewhere. This sounds cruel but gives more long term benefits. It is the time for Malaysian to learn the true reality of the petrol’s global market price – it fluctuates, it drop and it increase as well. Therefore, in the long term, no one will blame the government again (only expect demonstrations, grunts at initial stage). Therefore no businesses will take advantages whenever government increase the petrol price. Therefore the rich won’t blame the poor & the poor won’t blame the rich – I’m sick of this. Therefore Malaysian will spend their money wiser – pump more petrol when the price is low (travel more), pump less petrol when the price is high (travel less). Therefore, more people will use public transports & hopefully the profitable public transportation companies will improve their services (e.g. add more routes, add more frequencies, etc).

  12. since we paying higher price when buying car than other country why should we pay higher price for petrol also……where all the taxs money go actually…..R I P Barisan……

  13. Government can proceed with the increase in fuel prices but they should compensate by way of reducing personal income tax rate. The most affected group are the middle income earner which contribute most of their earnings to the Income Tax. Our current income tax rate seems to high as compare to other developing countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong.

  14. wat is wrong wit tis gov ? they support the nation to be poor but not rich. but they themselves just trying to put themselves into TTDI bungalows.And they pretend like they dont even produce their own fuel! the nation is going to be poorer and poorer but the rich is going to richer! as long as this people rule the gov we as malaysian born will suffer even if we r rich

  15. Why don’t you look for alternative cheaper fuel. NGV is already a proven cheaper fuel that could save you and the government tonnes of money. If you need help you can PM me on this
    PS: Be wise and make an early decision. Don’t rush for the fools gold (NGV) when the price have hit the ceiling already.

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