What To Do With RM10,000 Nowadays?

I have been wondering what you can do with RM10,000 nowadays? Or if this RM10,000 is a windfall, what are you going to do?

For me, I have used my own savings to startup a business which is not easy as what others think. Before you start a business you must always have a definite goal. I have tried to keep on asking myself:

i. What is your plan, can it work?
ii. What type of business you want to venture into?
iii. Where, when, why, and how to start your business?
iv. Do you have any experience in this business?
v. How much return you want to generate from your business?
vi. Can your business operate for long term?
vii. How long would it take to earn back your startup capital?

web business

Recently, I have started a web business and employ some full-time salesmen to work for it. However, I do not expect that it will generate fast return within short period. According to my current strategy, I will need 1-3 months to gain some market feedback. From there, I will know whether my business strategy is workable or not. Meanwhile, my partner and I will try to come out solutions to change into something that customers actually want, rather than our own interpretation of what they need.

In terms of the idea, the key to our web solutions is to automate their business or to simplify complicated task for business owner. This is because they can make very low cost startup business. They don’t need much inventory, or even full time staff to take care of their physical store. They can run the business themselves anytime at anywhere.

Besides that, we have prepared the backup fund to cover the shortage of expenses. This backup fund would be very crucial for a person who is running the business due to expected slowdown in the economy. We need to have at least 6-12 months ready fund and this money should be kept in a savings or fixed deposit account to ensure maximum safety of the buffer.

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