Where EPF Invest Our Money?

Have you ever wonder where do Employees Provident Fund (EPF) invest our hard earn money? We knew our finance ministry would not be able to give guarantee returns in the EPF rates or the money received from the stock market. But, we should know how our government utilize our money in seeking the returns.

Top 30 Equity Investment by EPF

Now, it’s possible to gather the information since EPF publish its Top 30 Equity Investments in companies listed on their website. The table below shows the list of Top 30 equity investments listed on Bursa Malaysia by EPF Malaysia as at 31st March 2011.

We can see that global economic growth is expected to be below trend in this year as most of the developed countries struggle with the huge fiscal deficit especially in Europe. Plus, the higher unemployment rate is also expected to affect our local economic growth negatively.

With this increasingly demanding landscape, I hope that the EPF will continue to focus on its key objective of preserving the value of members fund while ensuring a reasonable rate of return.

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