Why Genting Share Price Drop So Much?


Buy low sell high. It’s time to buy!!! As an intelligent investor, mostly they will act in this way. But due to current economic situation, better acts in careful way and watch the correct timing.

Somebody thinking: Since the world market on the opposite direction, they might wonder whether it’s a great time to buy blue chip, such as Genting share?

I observed that it’s very volatile, the price rise a while but crash down drastically on the next minutes. Same like roller-coaster game you play in Genting Theme park. Sometimes you’re on top, and then go down hill very fast.

Check on the statistics, you can see Genting share now is 3.78 only.

genting share

Reasons of Genting Share Price Dropping

I feel curious and cannot find any reason why Genting share price drop so much if compared to other stock? Any bad news regarding to Genting stock? Based on my understanding, gambling business won’t be affect so much during this credit crunch crisis. People will take this opportunity to gamble for more money to exchange for their bad luck.

My point of views: Local share market is slow because politically instable while global markets are slow because of high oil and commodities prices, people spending power decreased. And, local share market will be affected by global issues too.

Genting Highland still will generate steady profit but the UK casinos (Genting International) suffering then it might drag down the group performance.

My advice: Try saving some bucks right now. Once it’s a good time, then can go to dump your money into share.

3 thoughts on “Why Genting Share Price Drop So Much?”

  1. last time how much? i’ve been checking on the price for these two weeks.. seems like it’s always at this price..didn’t fluctuate much..

  2. Hi, just like to find out if there’s any website that provides historical share price?

    The ones I’ve comes across, like Star Biz and Share Investor, only go as far back as 2008.


  3. Genting’s share will drop further. Their investment in Mongolia has not been successful. spent millions for mining project and recent article the Mongolia government will revoke those licenses.

    Money easy come easy go


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