Why Singapore Richer Than Malaysia ?

Singapore is a small country but they got lot of money, so they can develop their country in just 10 years while Malaysia is a big country so we need more than that to develop and become rich. Singapore is rich in human resources and good in financial management whereas Malaysia “NO”. If the natural resources in Malaysia are well managed, the situation would be quite different.

Rich Vs Poor

Singapore does not have any natural resources and only limited space for building. They even do not have enough water and buy from us. Singapore government is very clever and know to make money from people. Haha…Singapore buy only 3 cents per 1000 gallons of water from Malaysia, after “clean ” it up and sold to people for 50-60 cents per 1000 gallons, very easy to be rich, right?

gallon to liter

Other Points: Why Singapore More Richer ?

Besides, they also have lower corruption and higher production. The strategic location as ports for cargo ships, tanker ships etc also makes it become famous and boost their economy up very easily. They will not have much hospital & medical subsidy compared to Malaysia. More foreign students studying in Singapore and they have to pay a certain fees to government.

Why Malaysia slow in progress? Mainly because of the Bumiputra policy? Or the Malaysia leader rather to see the wealth of a country in their own pocket rather than developing a country?

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  1. I think that Singapore is an excellent example for Malaysia to follow. Singapore is ahead of Malaysia especially in terms of economic growth and success. Moreover, Singapore has the world’s reputation as being a very clean country. Singapore has indeed leapt from being “Third World” to “First World”. I hope Malaysians replace their jealousy of Singapore’s success with admiration and sheer respect.

  2. omg…ahmaddin from below is is dumbest racist fool that i ever seen.i bet when you were a kid,youre father never give you enough love….and know you being racist cause people gonna notice you,hahaha what a sad fool to be you Ahmaddin

    people like you makes people look down on malay race…i hope you doesnt exist

  3. the rich people in singapore are the foreigners who invests heavily due to singapore’s open trade practise. its not singaporean’s wealth. they just “tumpang sekaki”.

  4. singapore is a races country….
    there is no places for malay to live or sucess…
    for example….why the government dont let malay to hold any department of government….think about it….singapore ialah melayu punya…in 1942…when the japanese attack…a small group of army from MALAY regiment protect singapore with the full of brave and dignity….they die for their motherland and for the MALAYS….what do chinese and indian do when the invasion…they quiet…they scared because of death…come on….a lot of people die during world war 2….they die because they want freedom…..come on la…who deserved it….singapore president should think about it…malay is not bangsat….

  5. Come on relax! I might be a Singaporean but I know that each country have its pros and cons. So don’t fight over which country is the best, okay?

  6. To be honest, first and for mos I cant vouch for the rate of corruption and graft within Malaysia nor Singapore, There is no clear statistic on that, however due to certain aspect of both countries which happens to produce certain outcome.

    First and for most, Singapore has the capacity to make profit due to its strategic location and services, due to this and a smaller population and geography they are able to develop their infrastructure at an astouding pace.
    The same cant be said about malaysia. It has 10 time the population and least money to work with. Its all about the balance of financial availability among the population. In laymens terms 10/10 = 1 (malaysia) 10/2 = 5 (singapore) per capita for each citizen of Malaysia and Singapore doesnt isnt comparable.

    my 2cent.

  7. According to Dr.Rhuston Philips and many IQ researchers:

    There is IQ variation of different races around the world.

    east Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) average IQ = 105

    white Europeans average IQ = 100

    South east Asians (Malays, Indonesians, Filipinos…) average IQ = 87

    South Asian (Indian…) average IQ = 81

    Sub Saharan (African) average IQ = 65

  8. Come on lah..Malays are not the true bumis of the land. How about the Negrito, Senoi and Jakun? IMHO these groups have been severely marginalised from development. Plus, Malays have been too pampered…they were given a fish each day instead of teaching them how to fish. The really good Malays are usually hybrids, eg. Ungku Aziz, Tun Mahathir etc. And true story, a Malay cannot a take one small criticsm…you will infuriate to the point of cursing you and your family. Anyway I just hope these group of people could for once, stop being lazy and dependent on others.

  9. They got Ling Leong Sik already, thank god. The Government full of corrupt leaders like him.
    Imagine cheating the cabinet hiding the true cost.

    And that Health Minister also chinese, people in Malaysia dying of dengue and HIN1 go and spend money 100million on cervical cancer gadarsil!

    Cervical cancer only affect women over 35 years old. Now innoculate 13 years old school girls will take years and billions to see benefit!

    With Ministers like this no wonder money finish fast.

  10. Singaporean think they are the best in the South East Asia, only because of they are living in a clean country, got full backup from U.S and Zionis, cheat in trading water with Malaysia, “tambak2 pasir” at Johor arears but they called their arears, taking pulau batu putih using the High Court.. oh what else..
    come on guys, every one knows..

  11. no matter what people say,
    Singapore is always better than malaysia…everyone knows that..
    and malaysia can’t ever be like the awesome singapore…just accept the fact..u morons!!!

  12. Just accept the fact that Singapore is smaller than Johore instead of Malaysia. So, you’ll never get the beauty of nature just like us. Come here to shop, to go for holiday, and to go for FUEL. When Singapore gonna held an event like Commonwealth Games? Your football are also full of imported players rather than your national heroes. Then claiming you’re the best? hehehehehehe…. Definitely that Singapore is owned not by your people. Better than Malaysia? yeah.. “u’re absolutely rite lol”..

  13. to maman malaysia…if singapore smaller so what?? its okay if the players imported as long they are citizens…because in singapore we give priorty to the one who have quality…not like u’all, corrupted!!!and now we have marina bay…which gonna be one of the best tourist attraction in asia…so just ask your “beauty of nature” to pack up…hahaha…even singapore can held F1 at night in a normal roads…can u’all do that??make sure the lights enough to make the roads bright…what is so good about commonwealth games??If singapore wants they will held it whenever they want…u just shut up…next time dont post crap things..get yourself do something beneficial or at least learn some singapore’s success stories…u moron…

  14. to maman malaysia…one more thing i forget to say…singapore is a very clean country with first class mentality citizens..not like your dirty country..fool of moron i guess…hahaha

  15. huh? spore held the YOG,so whatver with the commonwealth games. And then there’s the F1 too. So? Malaysia has too much corruption and fight among themselves;the goverment. Malaysia can do so much more but they didn’t. It’s not spore’s fault if it progresses. Tsk. And no matter that most malays can’t hold higher positions. At least we have stable jobs or jobs with higher pay. I think that’s enough.

  16. you people should tink(singaporeans)…hv u ppl went to kuala lumpur,putrajaya,shah alam,before….
    you ppl tink you all better…but tink…malaysia is much much bigger then dis small DOT singapore…and without many western foreign citizen m’sia ABLE TO CREATE SUCH A MODERN CITY LIKE KL N PUTRAJAYA USIN MOSTLY INDIAN…MALAY…CHINEESE(MALAYSIA BORN PPL)…(AND M SURE IF MALAYSIA IS AS SMALL AS SINGAPORE …WE WILL B MORE BETTER THEN WHAT SINGAPORE HAVE NOW) v cn mk it much better independence without U.S JELP…BECAUSE V R ( 1MALAYSIA)

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  17. Economically, Malaysia’s GDP has been higher than Singapore in the past until this year. Though singapore has maintained a higher per capital given its smaller population. The difference between the two have been triggered by the economic policies administered by the government. The bumiputra policy is counterproductive to the economy. The Malaysian Chinese who is the richest man in south east Asia listed his company in singapore instead so that he doesn’t need to give 20% of ownership to Malay if he were to list in Malaysia. Such examples explain why the economy thrives well in Singapore.

    Socially, singapore works on the ideology of meritocracy. One knows that if he or she works hard, he or she will be rewarded, regardless of their background or race. If there is favouritism to certain race, that race will not work as hard since they know they will be cavorts, while other races will not work more since they know they are marginalized. Thus resulting in a spiral effect.

  18. Personally I believe Singapore is much more well-developed. It is internationally recognised as a clean and green city, with low levels of crime due to a strict legal system and uncorrupted police force, and economically progressive as well. Basic education is mandatory for all, plus there’s meritocracy for every race and religion.

    Contrary to what some comments above have stated, Singapore has hosted the first Youth Olympic Games and F1 race despite being small in size. The cost of living may be very high here, but isn’t that true for developed countries everywhere else?

    Malaysia may have lots of land and natural resources, and is a much older nation than Singapore. But it lacks in several aspects compared to the “little red dot”. Even the police force is corrupt! Perhaps the government does not know how to manage such a big country.

  19. Singapore is wealthier than Malaysia because of the majority Chinese population.

    The chinese has been known to be very hardworking and business-minded. The malays mostly prefer “easy” and secure jobs, that explains why majority of malays work for the government or be employed, instead of running own business. This is called “budaya cukup makan”. It means one easily satisfied with what one earns, even though its small.

    I am a malay growing up in mixed neighbourhood. In school, I had more chinese friends than malay ones. I learned a lot on chinese way of thinking.

    Malays also lazy in acquiring knowledge on how to make money. I have attended many seminars on investments and properties, and sadly to say sometimes I was the only malay! That explains why 90% of get-rich-quick scheme victims were malays, due to lack of knowledge. Most malays read junk and rubbish like ‘harian metro’ and ‘kosmo’.

    Malaysia is lagging behind singapore is because of malay. The government needs to stop protectionist measures and get rid of any quotas that favour malays. Malays are weak because of all this protections. Its time malays change their attitude, acquire more knowledge and fight on equal terms.

    Malaysia has never been short of ideas to progress, but execution is the key. Some measures may be unpopular and will invite political backlash, but it needs to be done for Malaysia’s sake.

  20. Low levels of crimes? Singaporeans are most caught in Johore while driving in drunk condition, speed trap, hit the red traffic light, etc. now you said like that? The Chinese people are no Halal-Haram things even need to ruin others lives in their mind, only money in their heads. That’s you called hardworking & business-minded? Singapore free of corruptions? Free at all? Just now you have the Marina Bay? How big it is? Look at your F1 track? Like bike-road. This is F1, not Go-Kart. We want great competition not many accidents. Come to Genting Highlands & see how fascinating it is, cold weather also. Where your water dam? If Johore cut it off? Singaporeans could happy living in the small dot country but living by taking advantages on other country. You all know what it is. Should i tell it further? HARIAN METRO & KOSMO are good enough as long as they keep Malaysians alert on whatever Singaporeans would do everyday. I can see how boring Singaporeans living in the small island, that’s why they come abroad. Zionis & US love & care for you, but what happen if someday somehow, you lose it & nobody helps you. “Tambak2 Pasir” cannot make you bigger than Abu Dhabi. Hehehe

  21. To mlayfck, you are a racist. Shame on you. Your fuckeeng nick tell who u are. As far as i concern, your said “and now we have marina bay…which gonna be one of the best tourist attraction in asia”, is it? is gonna be? how long? hahahaha. “its okay if the players imported as long they are citizens” shown no quality in singaporeans player/no qualified at all maybe. At least, Philipines proved they can join the semi of AFF cup. “even singapore can held F1 at night in a normal roads…can u’all do that??make sure the lights enough to make the roads bright” compared to Monaco, less accidents than this bullshit track. U think this is a go-kart race? The lights make the drivers dizzy as your brainless head. A moron like you should not post anything crap as u are here. I’m giving my opinions about citizen of both. Not you as a racist fuckeeng know nothing but rely on some little dick information.

  22. To Ludicrous, “Basic education is mandatory for all, plus there’s meritocracy for every race and religion.” Your army tells everything. Why Malays cannot hold on great positions? “Malaysia may have lots of land and natural resources, and is a much older nation than Singapore. But it lacks in several aspects compared to the “little red dot”. Even the police force is corrupt! Perhaps the government does not know how to manage such a big country.” Tun Mahathir is well-respected internationally, that’s malay who brought Malaysia to the highest level as we already have our very own national cars, the KLCC which is designed by himself, the brave ones who is always condemn the US & Zionis with their inhumanity etc. That corrupt police force wasn’t so bad, still we been listed as best of 5 in the world for capturing crimes. Funny how blind those people are.

  23. Sorry to say that comparing Singapore to Malaysia is like comparing Monaco to France . Singapore is just one small city , which had a natural port , strategically situated. Without world trade Singapore is nothing .The only reputations it has world wide is being one of the most densly populated cities on earth and being an authoritarian regime .

  24. Because of the stupid leaders of Malaysia just know think to corruption whereas Singapore leaders is think to improve their development.

  25. Today, Singapore GDP is already same with Malaysia. A 5 million populations City is going to overtake the 28 million soon. Unbelivable !
    Singapore GDP per Capita has beaten Malaysia 30 years back. Now the total GDP is overtaking Malaysia……

  26. dont be too emotional..people that only just think what is their think only..nothing much than that..no research or evident that can proof here..right? they can only speak, but they cant do anything..useless..
    the main things is dont ever dare to make the stupid judgement if there is no proof or strong evident at all…and i dont know why, the singaporean not profesional at all. may be they are not educated person?? mayb??…just living in a small box..nothing much can do..

  27. Yes, Woo. I agree with you 101%. Singaporean richer than Malaysian? We will see. Only times will tell. Despite everything they have, they still living in a small island though. But, i can say that this article is more to racism & political view now. Anyway, I’m happier than ever when Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup with none foreigners. Hehehe. We could make it for Olympic.

  28. Hi,I am a malaysian and I say I prefer spore to msia. The ruling party bn is all about Malay rights and privileges, they haven’t had the slightest regards for other races since independence. Now is the year of 2011 and Malaysia is in fiscal deficit with the amount of rm4315 billion,it.s been deficient since 14 years ago,thanks to all the corrupted and crony based cari makan leaders on this nations,shame on u and ur Allah will judge u mercilesly on the end of ur day,trust me. These bunch of Satan induced people have given up their souls for monetary gains but their final destination will be a hot burning sulphur one. In this coming election,plz vote for pakatan rakyat and oveerthrow these murders,liars,scum on the earth to Mongolia .

  29. singapore is being dominate by chinese while malaysia is malays govt. from this, we can see there is a huge different . this shows that chinese are more brilliant than the malays.

  30. I Like Malaysia more than Singapore, although singapore is a nice small city, but i feel it needs to go back to its mummy “Malysia” Becasue sooner or later it must and chinese people they must leave thier hatred and jelousy behaind where malay should deal with them equally so everyone live in peace, Viva Singapore!! Viva Malysia!! Viva Unioin of singapore and malaysia in eqaual system.

  31. haha stupid singaporean..
    very kiasu,go ahead with your rich country we malaysian don’t give a damn about it..
    its no used if your country rich but life like in jail..
    many of your people come to malaysia and drive like they first time seeing a road!!
    i really anti the singaporeans registration plat especially the chinese..
    beware singaporeans,when you come to johor don’t make problem or we will teach you the meaning of Manners. 🙂

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