Why We Still Cannot Get Rich Even Follow Money Tips?

money tips

Recently many readers sent me an email asking me why still cannot get rich even they have read a lot of articles about personal finance. More often than not, there will be tips that talk about how we can save and earn more money. The article will say something like “do this and you will become rich.”

From my point of view, I guess it comes down to taking the initiative of having the motivation to do something. I find it interesting that people would spend the time to read tips but never spend some time to try some of it.

Second reason, I think it’s all a matter of mental discipline. The majority of people are afraid to fail, thus they don’t try various method and are not successful. This is not their fault actually because changing an established lifestyle is difficult for most people. So, what financial hack said is pretty true. Usually the hardest part is to make the first move.

How About Me?

I can say I am not rich yet, but I have move from middle class to upper middle class. I am almost there… So, it is important to take the first step if we want to be financially free.

Motivation Just For YOU

Forcing a schedule usually works well since it helps people put discipline into its. Trust me!!!

3 thoughts on “Why We Still Cannot Get Rich Even Follow Money Tips?”

  1. Yeah, part of the problem is also the culture that surrounds us.

    We’re constantly encouraged to spend and lavish ourselves with the luxuries of life.

    You don’t see much promotion being done about saving for the rainy days and keeping your finances in order. And according to the well-established culture, it’s a very dull and boring thing to live sustainably within our means.

    We’ve been taught to get big fat paychecks which in return we should spend it on getting big cars and big houses.

    Yes, it’s all in the psychology.

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  3. Besides procrastination, fear of failure, lavish lifestyle, I think another major obstacle for financial independence is lack of self-awareness. Some of tips are universal, e.g. spend less and save/earn more. Some require certain aptitude, e.g. short term trading(however investing is universal)

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