Will Malaysia Electricity Tariff Hike?

Many people also agree that prices always go up instead of going down. The value of money will go down. When every Malaysian is trying hard to cope with the fuel price hike, sugar price hike, and cigarette price hike, the news on new electricity tariff has caught everyone attention as well.


Our current electricity tariff is – the first 200 kW of usage, the rate is 0.218(rate) x 200(unit) but if your electricity usage is beyond the first 200 kW, the rate is 0.334. Let say if your electricity tariff for the month is 225 units, then the calculation will be like this:

200 kWh x 0.218 = RM43.60
25 kWh x 0.334 = RM8.35

Total = RM51.95

Be Prepared Before Bad Thing Come

As I know, government was still studying the current electricity tariffs for utilities such as water and electricity, tariffs may rise or fall depending on cost of fuels also. So, it’s better all consumers to practice to be more prudent before the new electricity tariff started.

We should know that the rise in electricity tariff was inevitable since it’s under control by our government. The rise may burden citizen, so we should learn how to save electricity and work harder to generate the country’s economy.

Well, we as a Malaysia citizen do not have a choice, do we? Turning back to the past is never available. Prices of whatever will never go down, this is like the oldest trend that goes on. So, it’s time to save, it has always been, else you will feel the tough time in one day.

4 thoughts on “Will Malaysia Electricity Tariff Hike?”

  1. Use energy saving bulb. More expensive but save over long term especially you are at the above 200kWh treshold.

    Buy everthing energy saving e.g. inverter technology. Don’t use electric kettle for water, gas is relatively cheaper….

    Best way to counter price hike is to earn more and more….

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