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Beware: Advertlets Is A Scam !!!

Do you know why I give up the Advertlets and switch to Nuffnang? The reason is they don’t pay you for what you earn. Advertlets is a scam!!! Advertlets is the Malaysia Advertising Network Scammer!!!


Non-existent Payout System From Advertlets

Honestly, I have a very bad experience with Advertlets. If you compare with Nuffnang, the payout ratio is far better, you can see that there are quite great number of people who’re getting paid, and never have the issue of non-paying unless the blogger perform click fraud.

If you just do simply search “Advertlets not paying” in Google, you may found that there are more than 2,000 unsatisfied bloggers blame on their payout process. So, it is not just me who’re being “scammed” of this Malaysia advertising revenues, but thousands of them.

Try to do a simple math. Let’s just estimate a small amount of the unsatisfied bloggers who’re not getting paid, to be around 1000 and minimum cash out quota of RM100.


Thus, 1000 x RM100 = RM100,000.

Very Poor Support From Advertlets

The reason why I said like that is because they won’t even care to reply your enquiries for cashing out. So, now you should know their meaning: They just think, “You’re worth no shit to them”. So at this point, do you still want to continue to display their ads? Or quit them? If you still opt to support them, you’ve no guarantee that you’ll get paid. So, what for give them a chance?

Lets take my experiences and below are my attempts to contact Advertlets:

See my first email to their support.


These are my second and third attempt. But, end up with no reply.


Unjustified Pay Rate From Advertlets

As you can see, high impressions do not guarantee you to get high payout. Sometimes, I able to get thousand impressions, but the payout is like RM1 to RM2 per day, which was not good.

My Point of View

If you’re still feel hardly to make decision whether to continue displaying Advertlets ads or remove them. Then, please take my last advice: Quit It Now !!! Go For Nuffnang !!! Reason: Will you stay with a company where the boss doesn’t pay for the 1-year work you have done?

Latest Update on 19th November 2009

Finally i get my payment but it’s after 4 months period. See my latest post here

24 Responses to “Beware: Advertlets Is A Scam !!!”

  1. Gallivanter Says:

    That’s Advertlets for ya, the poison starts right at the top, a dude that is full of shite.

  2. saimatkong Says:

    this is already a fact so looong ago and they only paying a certain number of famous blogger saja. so go figure out whether u want to take advertlets or not.

  3. alexallied Says:

    dude, at least give some bad credit to Advertlets…:)

    But get the words out, Advertlets is pretty much a scam!

  4. John Says:

    isit? lucky i dont register 1

  5. libraco Says:

    luckily i didnt register..
    thanks for the info..very useful

  6. Jayce Says:

    Huh? You did not read my post ~ before? If you do, you won’t have to write this post already.

    Good luck on getting your money.

  7. DanielCtw Says:

    Dai Lou,
    been awhile eh. Anyway I have been out of Advertlets like 1 year ago. Looks like you now know about this. Well, unless you’re very the ‘kamqing’ with the boss, then you’ll get paid like those his well known bloggers.

    Good for you bro. BTW, it’s been like 2 years since we last met

  8. Pikey Says:

    I’ve quit Advertlets long time ago and I’m focusing to be a Nuffnang Glitterati loyalty program.

  9. Says:

    thanks for the info, thank god I haven’t done much in im yet … but nuffnang isn’t any better neither, low pay out vs low pay rate, aiyo … better leave everything to adsense …

  10. KwOnG FeI Says:

    when i was ion Adverlet, the earning was very slow especially for new blogger like me with slow traffic..
    one month can only earn few cents to ringgits…
    when I decided to switch to Nuffnang, to my surprise, i earn few ringgits in a WEEK
    for payment, I was doubt in Nuffnang too..
    but they kept their promise 30 days from the end of the month for the date applied..
    btwe ur earning in Adverlets is rm 100.. i assume u stick with it for quick a long time..
    anyway hope for the best..
    support ur post!

  11. mediamalaya Says:

    Advertlets and Josh Lim is a stupid ads company. Never pay and never reply my email. Fcuker

  12. BenWL Says:

    I have earned almost RM60 and decided to quit Advertlets after reading so many negative reports about this company.

    And one more thing I must mention, sometimes their ads can cause my page to load very slowly and it also affected my income on Adsense.

    And my comment on Nuffnang? I have joined and displayed their ads but so far no made any $$ so decided to remove their ads and stick to Adsense only.

    And there are people who don’t get paid from Nuffnang too!, just google them up and read other people’s comments.

  13. Pikey Says:

    Well…. i get paid by Nuffnang a few times.. reliable one i would say.. .and need to be patience when newly join Nuffnang to get ads

  14. Advertlets Support Says:

    Hi David,

    We are happy to have assisted you with your unresolved cashout, and are glad that the situation has now been resolved. We appreciate if you can update your blog readers that you have received your payment, thanks.

  15. yy Says:

    luckily, after i make complaint few times and wait for few months still can received advertlets payment.

    but after received the payment, i also decide quit advertlets and don’t want trust this company anymore.

  16. lkjune Says:

    Haha…. I give up long time ago…

  17. wayangtimes Says:

  18. Grace Says:

    I feel lucky that i not registered with advertlets

  19. Sage Naruto Says:

    Well said man, their Boss, Josh Lim who created abandoned RedesignMalaysia. Until now, the website like that lor. His fb, waloa, party all nite like a pimp. KNNCB

  20. muscle and fitness magazine india Says:

    I like this site and it has presented me some sort of commitment to have success for some reason, so keep up the good work. Moreover I´m definitely considering blogging these facts in my own blog!

  21. zara Says:

    I’m currently a glitterati member of Nuffnang and recently I’ve signed up to Advertlets; I didn’t know that Advertlets is a scam! Now Nuffnang and terminated my glitterati membership so I need help to quit Advertlets but I don’t know how. Can someone please help me!

  22. mediamalaya Says:

    Hi zara,
    You can just replace Advertlets code with Nuffnang code in your blog, Nuffnang will check automatically and your glitteri’s status will be restore.

  23. zara Says:

    But the problem is, I did not post Advertlets in my blog. I only posted Nuffnang, and suddenly, my exclusive membership is terminated.

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    […] publicity and criticisms by disgruntled bloggers and website owners towards this company (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5). A Google search on the term Advertlets Scam throws out these results. Do you really […]

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