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How To Register Malaysia Income Tax Online?

As everybody known, Malaysia had introduces the use of income tax e-filing since many years ago. But, there are still a lot of Malaysian do not know how to make use of it. Today, I will teach you step by step on how to do your online register income tax so that you can save a lot of time and trouble.

Steps On How To Do Register Malaysia Income Tax Online

Step 1: Get your PIN number through email. The PIN number is a 16 digit number. Please make sure that you have all the information together so that you no need to do double job:

i) Tax Reference Number
ii) Latest Home Address
iii) Copy of Identification Card (front and back)
iv) Phone Number

Send your application to

Step 2: While waiting for your request PIN Number to be processed, you can try log on to to register your income tax.

Step 3: Next, click on “Daftar Pembayar Cukai Individu”.


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How To Pay Income Tax Online Using PbeBank

There are several methods for you to pay your income tax, you can make your payment at Public Bank, Maybank, LHDN(Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri) counter, by cheque or bank draft, or online banking. I more prefer do things online since it is hassle free; therefore I made my income tax payment through Public E-banking.

If you are a resident of Malaysia, and you have source of income from Malaysia…Then you have to pay tax. If you are a resident of Malaysia, but your gain income from overseas, like Internet business income, dividend income from foreign stocks…are all exempted from Malaysia’s Income Tax.

Pay Income Tax Through Pbebank

Make sure that you have a Public Bank Internet Banking account. You can apply it at any Public Bank branch. Once you get it, you can login your account.


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Tactics of Income Tax Reduction


Although i am not an accountant or tax auditor but I still want to share my thought with you all on how to reduce income tax without breaking any laws. First of all, it is determined by whether you are a fixed income earner or running own business.

If you are under employment, then you can increase expenditure by:

– Buying life insurance, educational insurance, and medical insurance
– Buying educational books include magazine subscriptions with the condition that it can directly improve your job service. For example, if an engineer buy accounting book, and then cannot get that relief.
– Getting married, and have lots of children

Or increase your assets by:

– Buying property
– Buying computer RM3, 500 instant rebate but I think is for every 3 years (This is New Announced Budget, before that is RM500 for every 5 years)

If you are doing business, then there are more ways of to reduce income tax as you can claim many of your personal expenses as business deductions.

Appoint your family members as directors. They get pay and no need have to work. They just only have to attend meeting.
Time your holidays during some conference related to your business. Fly first class; stay in the most expensive hotel.
– Put all sort of expenses into “salary package” which may include vacation, transportation, meal allowance and etc.

Why Company Like To Give Allowance To Their Employees?

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