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Esso & Mobil Smiles Point


I received a SMS from SmilesPromo last week stated that Esso Malaysia Bhd (Esso) and ExxonMobil Malaysia Sdn Bhd (Mobil) have come out their Smiles card promotion in order to help reduce consumer financial burden during this global financial tsunami.

smiles point

For my opinion, this promotion can help Malaysians save on everyday expenses, which are redeemable via the use of their Smiles Driver Rewards loyalty points.

The promotion will valid from 30th March- 29th May and is available at all Esso & Mobil service stations nationwide.

During this period, Smiles members will be able to redeem selected items at special rates, such as:

500g of Milo = 650 points

100g of Nescafe Classic = 850 points

505g of TEAPOT Creamer = 200 points

So, what are you waiting for? Try to grab this golden chance!!!

How To Earn Smiles Point?

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DiGi Free SMS Service

I strongly believe that there are still a lots of Digi user do not know that there has a great opportunity to send free SMS from Digi site to a mobile phone everyday. Yet, this is limited to only 3 SMS per day and you are restricted to send to Digi number only. For me, it’s better than nothing and it’s still considered a great deal.

What Should I Do To Get DiGi Free SMS Everyday?

I suggest to any Digi user to go Digi Site and register their number there. Then you will get a login password through your handphone within few seconds. Login with your mobile number and password then you can send up to 161 supporting characters per SMS.

register digi

digi password
logon digi

digi free sms

What Terms & Condition Should Be Followed?

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Say Goodbye to Digi Prepaid

Back to past 4 days, I signed up Digi Postpaid Optimum Plan which is sublined under my best friend’s account. With this kind of idea, I don’t get the benefits of 5000 points yield RM 140 rebate.( For Principal Line User Only) Once you accumulate the points till 6000 points , you will get total of RM280 rebate.

Every single ringgit you spent will earn 1 point. I think I will use about 3 years to collect 1000 points since I am not a heavy usage on phone calling. Averagely will spend approximately RM25-RM30 per month, so only RM300-RM360 annually. (US$95-US$115)
*Please take note, the points can be last for 3 years only, so you must redeem it within 3 years otherwise it will be forfeited.


Besides that, if you are using subline then your Monthly Access Fee only RM10, but if you use credit card payment for auto billing then your Monthly Access Fee is deducted RM 10. Hence, I have no chance to pay my access fees. I just pay the amount of my phone usage only. Haha…
*For your info, those principle line user need to pay RM20, if use auto billing method then only pay RM10 per month.

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