Google Ranked Me PR 3

Huh…It’s impressed me indeed. Last 2 months my Page Rank drop from 2 to 0. This happened to me when I noticed that writing post thatโ€™s offered by advertiser could lead to getting zero Page Rank. However, I gained back higher page rank just start of this month.


With this PR, I can earn much more money from now on. I also hope that this can last forever.

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10 thoughts on “Google Ranked Me PR 3”

  1. Good for you!

    My PR dropped from 2 to ZERO few weeks ago and haven’t had a clue how to bring it up again.

    Mind if i ask how’d you do that?

    I have a PR code that shows i’m PR3 but some code shows my PR is big ZERO! huhuhu

  2. really dun have any idea how it calculate..if wan to write sponsor post then sure PR drop, dunno how to maintain and control it..

  3. mine also from 0 to 2. previously i got a 1 and it became 0 since i did paid post as well. happily, another site maintain at 3 and another new site have a 2 from 0. ๐Ÿ™‚

    really cannot predict what Google is thinking. suka suka it will give u 0, suka suka give u a 3. hopefully can maintain forever, like what u said.

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