How To Register Malaysia Income Tax Online?

As everybody known, Malaysia had introduces the use of income tax e-filing since many years ago. But, there are still a lot of Malaysian do not know how to make use of it. Today, I will teach you step by step on how to do your online register income tax so that you can save a lot of time and trouble.

Steps On How To Do Register Malaysia Income Tax Online

Step 1: Get your PIN number through email. The PIN number is a 16 digit number. Please make sure that you have all the information together so that you no need to do double job:

i) Tax Reference Number
ii) Latest Home Address
iii) Copy of Identification Card (front and back)
iv) Phone Number

Send your application to

Step 2: While waiting for your request PIN Number to be processed, you can try log on to to register your income tax.

Step 3: Next, click on “Daftar Pembayar Cukai Individu”.


Step 4: After that, fill up all the detail as below and then click “Hantar”


Step 5: After submit, you will get a “No. Permohonan” and be sure that you must keep your No Permohonan properly. So, you can check your status at

Step 6: You can try upload your Identification Card soft copy by clicking “Muat Naik Disini” else your application will not be process. Or you may try to upload later at

Step 7: Once you have uploaded, you can access and key in your “No. Permohonan”, all your information will be shown there.


Step 8: At the bottom of your information, you can see your “Status: DALAM PROSES”. After several days, it will change to “Status: PERMOHONAN ANDA TELAH DILULUSKAN” if all your information is correct.

Step 9: Then, you can proceed for your 1st time login at e-Filling ( once PIN Number ready.

Please make sure that keep your PIN number confidential. After registration, the PIN Number is no longer needed; instead you will use your password.

If you still unclear about the steps, you can go to to search for more details.

19 thoughts on “How To Register Malaysia Income Tax Online?”

  1. I used this service last year. It is really easy and hassel free. What you need to do is to ensure every figures you input are correct and supported with evidence (receipts, EA form etc). One point to note is that you will not receive physical B/BE form from IRB anymore in the future once you start using online income tax declaration.

  2. hi david,

    this is first time I am registering for income tax this year since my current salary got deducted income tax last year. I just received income tax form from my company year ended 31/12/09.

    From the step 1 per per your entry blog, it stated tax reference number, I don’t have
    tax reference number. Please advise how to get tax reference number for myself?


  3. hi,i have try using n follow yr steps but after filling up all the info,the step number 7 which says muat naik,i dont know how to upload,above the line it says status dalam proses,maklumat tak lengkap.can u tell me wht im suppose to do next,thanks.

  4. Hi, I submitted my tax last year online and all was good. This year i got a letter saying that I will not receive the physical B/BE form and I should submit my tax online from here one, which is fair and good. I have been trying to login for days now but with a prompt saying that my password is wrong. Then I realised that the password I was given is 16 digits long and the password they allow you to key in is only 12 digits long! Any idea what’s going on? Did I miss something? Thanks!

  5. enick, salamat pagi
    i am mani from kerala india .working in a professional pass.last year i already pay to i am coming back to india and settle here.i want pay all the balance tax ringgit malaysia.
    no rujukan.sg20772210020
    no pengenalan.h1079089.enicik ,i want to know the balance how much i pay.
    terima kasih

  6. hi. i want to send email to ask for my PIN no. but i
    m not sure what is Tax Reference Number? can anyone help?

  7. I got my reference number but not my pin number on the screen although they approved my registration. where can i check for my PIN number?

  8. Sir , i cannot remember my income tax number which i have registered many year ago. Since my salary is less than RM 1300 this few years. kindly advise how can i get the number. thanks

  9. Sir, i have a question. I had changed from employee to my own business since 1/1/2011. So what i suppose to do, i know i need to fill in B form, but before that, is it i need to inform tax department 1st? or i can direct fill in B form?

  10. I have recd a letter from malaysia income tax office that I have over paid the tax.Can I request them to refund my credit through email.Thks.

  11. Hello, i am first time to apply income tax through internet, can anyone assist me how should i do first? Thank you

  12. What is Tax Reference Number? How to get it through online? I am first time would like to open account income tax. Please assist me. Thank you.

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