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How To Register Maybank2U ?

Actually register Maybank2U account is as simple as ABC. Below are the simple steps to be followed:

If you have Maybank ATM card, then:

1. Bring your Maybank ATM Card to any Maybank ATM, key in Maybank ATM PIN.
2. At the main menu, select Maybank2u Services.
maybank services

3. Select Maybank2u Application.
Maybank application

4. Key in your 6-digit Maybank2u.Com PIN code.
5. Key in the same PIN code again to confirm.

How To Login

1. Go to Maybank2U.Com.

maybank site

2. Select First Time Login.

maybank first time log in

3. Read the Terms and Conditions carefully and click on the Accept button.

maybank terms and condition

4. In the Access Number field, key in the Maybank ATM card number that you used to apply for your Maybank2U.Com.

maybank access number

5. Key in your 6-digit Maybank2u.Com PIN code and click Activate.
6. A new login screen will appear. Select your preferred username and password and make sure that you can remember the username and password in future.

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28 Responses to “How To Register Maybank2U ?”

  1. arefick Says:

    how to apply for the access number?
    (as shown on step 4)

  2. abu Says:

    same question..
    how to know the access number???
    are the access number mean maybank ATM pin?????
    pleasee anyone

  3. menoy Says:

    the access number is on the bank card itself…

  4. hershey Says:

    i have done it but it says wrong pin no but i have key in the right pin no. i donno what is wrong. don’t we have to put the pin no that exactly the same like ATM’s pin no?

  5. simon Says:

    for access no.i wrote the 15 numbers on the card but it wont accept it.what is the access no?

  6. simon Says:

    sorry i wrote the 16 numbers on the card.but it won’t accept it as an access number?by the way what is this access number?

  7. menoy Says:

    I think you haven’t registr your ATM card to any ATM machines. Once you have done it, then you can register into

  8. David Lee Says:

    hi all,

    The access number is the number which is on your Maybank ATM card.

    @hershey: You need to key in the PIN number exactly the same when you go to keyed in PIN code at Maybank ATM.

  9. Tek Yan Says:

    @ hershey @ simon i experience the same thing. keyed in but it says wrong pin… don’t know if one has to wait for maybank to process ur application… man…

  10. put Says:

    i already key in access num n pin num but it says that service currently not available. is it means that i need to try again later or is it will always be like that? i already tried a few times but it kept appear the same thing

  11. azim Says:

    how i can rigister maybank2u….. can u help me…. i want buy tiket from maybank2u….. thnks for u helping…….

  12. Bearish Says:

    hvg a maybank2u wl help simplify my payment needs but to open one sounds v tricky. i hate it when i have to take more than 2 mins in front of the ATM while there r pple queueing up bhind me. seriously can smbody fill in How to step, by step? I really appreciate that n by doing so may s’one else help u in yr time of needs.

  13. Jeanna Says:

    Same goes to me. Damn…
    Whats the problem…
    Someone please help me here…
    really frustrated…

  14. Sayam Says:

    I too keyed in the access number and pin number but it says that service currently not available.what does it mean actually? does it mean that i need to try again later or will it always be like that? i already tried a few times and its been two days but kept appearing the same thing.. requesting for an urgent help please!!

  15. Wei Says:

    my atm account number only have 12 numbers , the access number required 16 . what should i do? stupid 1

  16. Law Says:

    how old is it required to register online banking ???? over 18 years old ?

  17. Hui Says:

    how register access number to ATM machines?

  18. Jeanna Says:

    tooo complicated….

  19. robin Says:

    The informations given above was outdated. The maybank ATM menu has been changed a lot and for maybank2u application is no longer available in the menu.

    The Maybank2u service menu was very confusing.

  20. ez Says:


    1. The Access number is NOT your Maybank account number. It is your card number.

    2. The PIN number is not your ATM pin number. You have to register a different PIN number for your Maybank2u when you apply for it in the ATM machine.

  21. MW Says:

    cannot la, wrong pin, stupid one!

  22. huhu Says:

    thank you !!

  23. Hammer Says:

    How to register the new pin number for maybank2u if its not the ATm pin number..

  24. rdy2own Says:

    u nid to activate ur account via the atm machine

  25. fiffy Says:

    now im studying at to register maybank2u?

  26. khasiat bawang putih Says:

    maybank2u memang cara terbaik untuk anda purcase online,to4 online dan lain2,kalau tak caya sila la guna memang antara terbaik di malaysia ini

  27. Prakash Says:

    how can I register online without my ATM card.

  28. gurveen Says:

    what about the TAC number? please explain…

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